Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Welcome to the Cave of Trials. The premise is simple: Every week, two characters from The Legend of Zelda series will duke it out for the Zelda Informer Championship. Whoever has more votes at the end of the week, wins. This is strictly a popularity contest, not who you think would win in a fight; so vote for who you like better! The winner will then go on next week to defend the title against a new challenger, as decided by you guys! That’s right, leave a name in the comments of who you want to see step up next and the character with the most votes will get their chance to dethrone the champion next week! Be warned though – a character only has one shot, so choose wisely. If a champion is successful in defending their title for six weeks in a row, that champion will be retired and the title declared vacant!

We finally had our first undefeated Champion.

Midna easily dispatched if Tetra to claim her sixth victory, secure her spot in the Hall of Fame, and become the first ever Undefeated, Undisputed Champion. The writing was on the wall as Midna made short work out of Ganondorf, one of the series most popular characters. It was clear Midna’s popularity was on another level, and as such, she retires on top.

But what now? Well the show must go on.

We have two brand new competitors duking it out for the vacant Zelda Informer Championship (yeah we’re still calling the belt that cause why not?). This week, two stalwarts of the N64 war prepare to do battle – Skull Kid and the Great Deku Tree.

Which one will emerge as the new champion? Let’s find out!

Cave of Trials: Week Sixteen

  • Skull Kid (77%, 170 Votes)
  • Great Deku Tree (23%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 220

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Keep your eyes tuned on some new challengers getting ready to enter the fray. Never a dull moment in the Cave!

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