A couple weeks after winning the Money in the Bank Contract at ZeldaMania, Ganon is officially CASHING IN on Link to try and become the Cave of Trials Champion and stop Link from entering the Hall of Fame as an undefeated Champion.

In order to be victorious, Link will have to overcome a one hundred vote handicap… almost a guaranteed futile endeavor.

Will Link be able to overcome the odds, or will we have ourselves a new Champion? Cave of Trials is a go!

Cave of Trials: Week 33

  • Link (c) (85%, 160 Votes)
  • Ganon (15%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 188

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Now… on to Gooey Fame.

Last week, Gooey came out here and hosted Cave of Trials and questioned my ability to lead this league. He even issued me a challenge: if his Champion Midna could win a Gauntlet match challenge, beating 5 opponents in one week, that I would reconsider Midna’s ban and perhaps co sided giving her another shot at the one true Champion, Mipha.

To this, I say… YOU’RE ON!

Even though Mipha defeated her fair and square, I’m a fair man. If Midna loses even one match, then her ban sticks and she is banned from Cave of Trials, as will you be Gooey!! If she wins… she can fight again. I hope you’re ready!

Current Champion Records:

Week 26 – Link (84%) def. Yuga (16%)

Week 27 – Link (80%) def. Niko (20%)

Week 30 – Link (92%) def. Mario (8%)

Week 31 – Link (65%) def. Girahim (35%)

Week 32 – Link (77%) def. Makar (23%)


Feature art by Nanobuds

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