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Today, we find ourselves on the fourth day of our ZD Marathon, and so much has happened, it is hard to believe that it is almost over. The team has been able to raise over $2,800 so far but they still need your help! The Marathon will be going strong until tomorrow and there are still some pretty fantastic Zelda titles to be played. On the schedule for today we have Spirit Tracks already under way and then later today…

Today is the second day of the ZD Marathon and we are excited to report that we have raised $1973.00 so far and all donations will go directly to Child’s Play! If you haven’t had a chance to tune it yet you have several days left but don’t waste anytime as you are missing out on all the Zelda fun, check out the full marathon schedule and tune in for your favorite game. So far, we have seen Phantom Hourglass, Links…

ZD Marathon Update!

July 13 2015 by Jon Lett

The Zelda Dungeon Marathon is well under way, and we’ve already had a couple of great playthroughs. There are still several days worth of Zelda games to play, and plenty of shenanigans along the way. So far, the pre-show had some awesome times in Mario Kart 8, as well as some really fun Super Smash Bros. battles, while waiting for more people to arrive for the official start of the marathon. During the pre-show, we were also shown the time…

That’s right!! We’re less than 3 days away from the 2015 Zelda Dungeon Marathon!! Most of the attending staff are making their final preparations for traveling, packing up clothes and equipment and everything else that we need to pull off a marathon of this magnitude. We have quite a bit planned for this year’s marathon, so hit the jump for some details.

The Zelda Dungeon Marathon is right around the corner, but before all the action starts, we’d like you to get to know the people involved! We’ve compiled a list of 16 questions to ask the staff, and here are the first eight. Enjoy!

We’re getting closer and closer to the start of the 2014 Zelda Dungeon Marathon, and we’ve got some more information for you! If you did not already know, the Zelda Dungeon Marathon is an annual charity event that will be taking place on our Twitch channel from July 26th to July 31st. Hit the jump to read all about it!

Hey guys, big news! Every summer, over at our Twitch channel the Zelda Dungeon team gets together for their annual marathon; that’s 5 straight days of playing through every single Zelda game to raise money for charity. This year is no exception, and we’re planning a marathon that’s bigger and better than ever! And guess what, it’s just around the corner! Hit the jump to see all of the details.