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Viz Media Will Offer Limited Zelda Inspired Tote Bags At Future Conventions

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.42.25 AMThe manga artist duo behind the Legend of Zelda manga, Akira Himekawa said in a recent Facebook post that Viz Media will be offering a Limited Edition Zelda inspired tote bag at their booths at future anime and manga events. The tote bags feature the artwork of Young Link and Navi from the duo’s Ocarina of Time manga, and on the back you can see the familiar Triforce crest. The bags will be offered at Viz Media booths and will be given to the lucky fans who are making a purchase. The tote bags are sure to be extremely limited, so if you are attending a conventions you might want to scope out the Viz Media booth first and see if you will be one of the lucky ones to secure this adorable little green tote!

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Viz Media’s Link To The Past Manga Panel At Comic-Con

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.05.54 AMAbout a month ago, we shared with you that Viz Media and Perfect Square would be hosting A Link to the Past manga panel at this years San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th. The panel was going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the republication of the manga that originally appeared in Nintendo Power magazine, answer fan questions, and even have some Zelda goodies to give away. The panel was hosted by Chris Kohler, founding editor of WIRED Game Life. In attendance was also Beth Kawasaki, Senior Editorial Director from Viz Media. The pair discussed some of the history behind the manga and Beth shared some details of how this republication came to be and how they rushed to get it into fans hands as soon as possible. Viz Media has now uploaded the full recording of the panel for those that were unable to attend SDCC to enjoy.

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A Link to the Past Comic is a Best-Seller in Canada

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It comes as no surprise that the the recently republished A Link to the Past comic was a big success within the Zelda community, but it also appears to be a big hit in Canada. Toronto based Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, placed Shotaro Ishinomori’s A Link to the Past comic on its Top 10 Fiction Best-Sellers List for the week of May 23rd. The comic took the number ten spot, but to be recognized by The Globe and Mail— Canada’s largest-circulation national newspaper with a readership of 985,000 people a week– is a great honor; it’s basically the equivalent of being a New York Times Best-Seller in the US!

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Why Link is Actually an Awful Protagonist

Link Sucks First we get the news that the whole Netflix and Nintendo team up for a Zelda based, Live-action series is nothing but rumors. Then we’re all bummed by the announcement on the delay of Zelda Wii U. Now it seems that some rather unpopular opinions have surfaced and, the scary thing is, perhaps some of them have a good point. Iain Garner, a writer for Haogamers, has come up with a rather extensive analysis as to why our favorite hero is actually a terrible hero. Make the jump to see Garner’s arguments!

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A Princess and her Knight, or more than just that? Looking at Zelda/Link

No excuse neededStories of valiant knights, princes and other heroes who fight for their beloved ladies are some of the oldest and most beloved stories in human history. Perhaps even THE oldest, depending on your interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh. So it was to be expected that a concept as basic as fighting for those you care about eventually ended up in The Legend of Zelda, or at least have fans ascribe it to individual games. But is there any truth to this? Has anything been confirmed, implied, can things be extrapolated or is it just a bunch of hot air? Note that this contains spoilers for Hyrule Warriors, so be careful in case you have not yet finished the game. Read a game-by-game analysis after the break!

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A Link to the Past Comic Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

91zjuPBvz7LWe announced last month that the 1993 A Link to the Past comic from Nintendo Power is getting re-released by Viz media. As of today you can now pre-order this legendary book from Amazon for just $19.99. The item is also eligible for free shipping with a purchase of $35 or more. This is a great price for such a rare piece of Zelda lore. It will release on May 5, 2015.

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Hyrule Warriors Fan Comic

2232Many artists have shown their appreciation of the Zelda series over the years by making some of their own fanart and the occasional fan comic. This time we are taking a look at Setzeri’s Hyrule Warriors comics. These four panel comics are made in the Sunday comic strip style and feature the various characters from Hyrule Warriors only in more humorous situations.

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Secrets of the CD-i games Part 1: The Cutscene Art

200px-Linkfacesofevil_cdiboxboxart_160wThere are few games as infamous as the Zelda CD-i trilogy. They are games that evoke, ire, disgust, and have achieved countless internet memes in the Zelda community; all the while disgracing the series that it claims to be. However, it may surprise you that there is more to this train wreck than meets the eye; small details that no one really focuses on. Follow the jump below to learn more.

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Akira Himekawa Shows How a Manga is Created

Akira Himekawa 1You may know Akira Himekawa as the author and illustrator behind the Legend of Zelda mangas. If you are not familiar, Akira Himekawa is actually a creative duo, A. Honda and S. Nagano, who have collaborated on Legend of Zelda mangas, among many others. They have recently started a series over at Tokyo Otaku Mode outlining the process of creating a manga from start to finish.

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Brawl in the Family: Divide by Hero (Part 1)

Divide by Hero Part 1 cropBrawl in the Family, a Nintendo web comic by Matthew Taranto, recently began a new story arc featuring Link and Ganondorf. It’s a mash-up between the Mario and Zelda series in which Bowser and Ganondorf, each lamenting another defeat at the hands of their respective series’ heroes, agree to swap rivals. Any Zelda fan should appreciate the clever references throughout.

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New Corpse Run comic about Ganon’s budget

corpserunEvery now and then a new Zelda comic is released. These comics are often humorous and contain surprising truths about the series. This new comic from Corpse Run is about Ganon’s budget. After all, why else would Ganon buy a bunch of chests with no locks for his castle? I suppose even an evil king has to cut back every now and then.

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Dorkly presents “The Darkest Timeline”

22121In a recent comic on Dorkly we get an interesting look at a day in the life of Link’s dark side and total opposite Dark Link. Here we see Dark Link doing the reverse of all of Link’s actions and doing thinks Link would never do. However some of them might not exactly be be what you are expecting.

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Dorkly Presents: It Sucks Playing Games with Link

In a recent comic from Dorkly we get a glimpse of just why it is so hard to play any games with Link. Here we see Link playing various games like Marco Polo and Red Rover but in every panel he has a certain item from one of the games in the series that always seems to give him an unfair advantage every single time. Of course much to the annoyance of everyone else trying to play with him.

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Hyrule Historia’s Manga Available to Preview in English

Hyrule Historia is undoubtedly one of the most important things to happen to the Zelda series in a long, long while. Even if the content provided inside the book itself would not be of interest to every fan, the recently announced limited edition has sold like wildfire, with the coveted book selling out in a matter of hour on sites such as and Barnes & Noble. For those of you who own the Japanese edition or have otherwise read the translations on sites such as Glitter Berri’s, you will be aware of the exclusive Skyward Sword manga present at the back of Hyrule Historia, drawn by Akira Himekawa, a duo of Japanese artists who have worked on a number of previous Zelda manga. The website Kotaku has recently managed to acquire the entire manga, translated into English, which is now available to preview more than a month before the actual release of the book. Intrested? Hit the jump take a look!

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Two New Comics Featuring Cuccos

In an interesting pair or comics recently posted from GamERCaT and OMOCAT we take a more humorous look at the event from Ocarina of Time where Link had to help the Cucco lady from Kakariko Village. However in both we see that the heroes do not quite get the job done as well as you would expect.

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