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The Importance of One-Offs in Zelda

RabbitLinkOne-Off: noun. Something occurring, done, or made only once.

For being relatively common, one-offs are rarely given any spotlight in the Zelda franchise. This is unfair; the importance of singular moments with different mechanics or a different tone from the rest of the game cannot be understated. From the Romani Ranch side quest in Majora’s Mask to The Sand Sea in Skyward Sword, I’m going to take a look at some of my favorite unique moments from the history of The Legend of Zelda and briefly show their importance in the game as a whole.

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My Zelda Story: From A Link to the Past to A Link Between Worlds

The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-vs.-A-Link-to-the-Past-46 What is the Legend of Zelda to you? Is it simply a game that you enjoy to pass the time with, or is it something more meaningful? Have you been enjoying journeys through Hyrule for most of your life, or have you only recently tried your hand at your first adventure as Link, the hero in green? We all have our stories, playing these games, finding inspiration from them and always wishing for more adventures to enjoy on the latest Nintendo hardware.

For me The Legend of Zelda has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born into it more or less, and I have vague memories of watching family members playing A Link to the Past, and later on, Ocarina of Time as I grew up. But I was around 7 years old when I played my first Zelda game. My family wasn’t exactly wealthy as I was growing up and I have a lot of siblings. So when my parents found an SNES and a few games at a yard sale, my siblings and I were on cloud nine. A Link to the Past happened to be one of those games. It’s funny, the cartridge already had two save files that were pretty far into the game, and, as any normal person or gamer would do, I deleted those games so my siblings and I could have our own save files. However, for some reason, two of my brothers got so mad at me for deleting those games and making them start from the beginning. This is the moment that I first experienced Zelda for myself, and it’s a fond, silly memory. That said, though, my Zelda story is actually a rather short one. Even though 13 years or so followed that memory and I had played the majority of the Zelda games released over that time, I had never really considered how much the Zelda series meant to me then. At least, not until A Link Between Worlds was released.

Make the jump to hear my Zelda story. You can also check out Jon and Mark’s Zelda stories, and be sure to be on the look out for more of the staff’s Zelda journeys.

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Gossip Stone: Does Link Suffer From Selective Mutism?

cat The Hero of Time is a rather silent savior, he doesn’t speak casually but we do see him gesture and make mouth movements as if he is speaking to someone. Though we are not privy to these conversations and we rarely hear our hero’s voice, it is clear that at times he is capable of speech. Selective Mutism is a condition that often occurs due to genetically predisposed Anxiety Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder which results in children not being able to speak comfortably in a majority of situations. Only with certain people or in familiar settings will children with this affliction speak, and these children are usually socially impaired otherwise.

Many Links seem to me to show the symptoms of Selective Mutism, after the jump we’ll see which Links we can diagnose and how this illness has affected their heroics.

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Women of Legend: Skyward Sword’s Impa (Part Two)
Skyward Sword was a game focused on awakening and redemption, and Impa was one person whose personality and actions reflected the major growth of her character. As a young woman, Impa was intensely focused on the task assigned to her by the Goddess. But as the years ticked by, her demeanor changed to a much more relaxed and confident in both herself and those around her. Though she is still the same Impa she was during the Ancient Battle, the change in her is striking and the change she elicits in others is all the more. Hit the jump to read about the importance of old Impa and the legacy she leaves behind! (If you missed part one on young Impa, read it here.)

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Women of Legend: Skyward Sword’s Impa (Part One)
Protecting the mortal incarnation of the Goddess Hylia is a pretty big job, but one handled with the utmost grace in the capable hands of the very first Sheikah warrior– Impa, from Skyward Sword. Though she initially had a stern exterior and was very critical of Link, Impa turned out to be an extremely loyal and trusting individual with a heart of gold. It’s no secret that Impa is a flawed character, if she was perfect she wouldn’t be interesting, but the beauty of her appearance in Skyward Sword is that the players get to see her character develop over thousands of years. A selfless servant of the Goddess, Impa will do anything to make sure that Zelda stays safe and Demise stays sealed away. After the jump, get a glimpse at the motivations and carefully calculated actions that lead Impa to become the legendary Sheikah icon she is!

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Gossip Stone: Should Trials Like The Silent Realm Make A Comeback?

Hypnea_SSEvery Zelda game has its own interesting way of progressing through the journey- be it obtaining Spiritual Stones, obtaining instruments, and so forth. For Skyward Sword, it became an extremely nerve-wracking experience due to the trials known as the Silent Realm. There were a few in there, but even though it may only be a few, that doesn’t make them any less terrifying (if you don’t know what you’re doing from the get-go). It makes me wonder; would Nintendo ever think of implementing a similar trial series into future Zelda games, possibly even Zelda U? I’ll explain how it goes further on, so be sure to hit the jump for more info!

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Gossip Stone: Does a Zelda Game’s Appearance Affect its Reception?

COVER real There are an almost endless number of factors that contribute to the commercial appeal of a videogame– gameplay, functionality, developer, rating– but a game isn’t going to sell if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, at least in some capacity. We can judge by the turbulent behavior following the reveal of Wind Waker’s art style or Skyward Swords’ downgraded graphics that appearance does matter within the Zelda series. So let’s take a look at some of the varied Zelda visual styles and how they affected the games’ initial and later receptions after the jump!

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Zelda Universe Releases Act 2 Of Skyward Sword: The Movie

skyward-swordOur friends over at Zelda Universe have been working on their latest project, of turning all the cutscenes from Skyward Sword into a cohesive voice acted movie for all fans to enjoy, for some time now. We have already seen Act 1 come across our screens, and much like their original project that sparked this idea, Hyrule Warriors: The Movie, its pretty amazing. Now, they have just released Act 2 of Skyward Sword: The Movie, but before watching, if you missed out on watching Act 1, click the link above so you can get caught up! Join Link as he begins his journey to the surface to find Zelda and take his place as the Hero of Legend!

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Zelda Theory: Zelda Wii U to Show Link’s Origins

zelda-screenshot-11 It’s common knowledge at this point that the ‘first’ Ganon(dorf) was the Demon King Demise, and that the ‘first’ Zelda was the mortal being the Goddess Hylia took after she sent the human race skyward and away from the war on the surface. This took place in Skyward Sword. The console game released in 2011 did explain the beginning of several key elements we see in each game. For an example other than the main characters, there’s the making of the Master Sword and the true meaning behind it’s seal on evil. However, there still seems to be some lose ends. The following theory from YouTuber HMK talks about Link, and whether the Link from Skyward Sword is the ‘first’ of the reincarnation cycle as Demise and Zelda/Hylia were, or if there was someone at Hylia’s side during her initial war with Demise. HMK analyzed Skyward Sword and the limited footage we’ve seen of Zelda Wii U and has come up with a theory that might just answer the question of Link’s true origin. Make the jump to check out his video and to hear what he has to say.

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Gossip Stone: What Are Your Thoughts on Gratitude Crystals?

16a-A typical standard for a Zelda game is having some form of collectibles- just as Ocarina of Time had Gold Skulltula Tokens, Minish Cap had Kinstones, and so forth. With this idea in mind, Gratitude Crystals were born and introduced as the collectibles of Skyward Sword. They’re collected by doing good deeds for people in Skyloft, and the other many places he happens to journey to throughout his adventure. I’ll be explaining a bit more about Gratitude Crystals further on, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to hit the jump!

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Skyward Sword Metal Item Collection

Metal Item Collection Hey there Zelda fans! Looking for some new merchandise to add to your Zelda collection? Then check out this awesome metal collection of some of the items found in Skyward Sword. These were originally found in capsule dispensing machines in Japan but are now available for purchase as a collection here. Make the jump to see what all is included in this collection.




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The Completionist Presents Defend It! Skyward Sword

defend it

Alright, its not secret that the internet has a very, well, different opinion of Skyward Sword than most of us have. Complaints about shotty motion controls and long, arduous quest are just some of the arguments that lovers and haters of Zelda’s latest console installment use. And for the most part reviews like Game Grump’s Egoraptor have perpetuated the hate for Skyward Sword’s innovations. But Jirard Khalil, aka The Completionist, takes the internet to court in order to defend Skyward Sword on all its glory. He even calls aforementioned Egorator in to help him defend his case (sort of.) Hit the jump and see just how well the internet can stand up in court. Read more…

Gamestop Selling Link And Scervo Statues At A Huge Discount!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.00.18 AMThe recently released Skyward Sword Link and Scervo statues have recently received a huge discount at Gamestop. Originally the Link statue sold for 79.99 and Scervo was priced at $124.99. Now the retailer is offering a huge discount on each of them! Currently you can pick up Link for only $29.99 and Scervo for $49.99. Thats a savings of $50 to $75, you can literally buy both for the original cost of Link alone! If you haven’t picked them up already, take advantage of this deal soon because I can’t imagine they will be in stock for long.

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Gossip Stone: Should Future Zelda Titles Revisit Flying?

06When it came to the player’s transportation method, it’s always been pretty varied. However, no other game had quite the same method as Skyward Sword did. In Skyward Sword, you had to fly to get from place-to-place. With the cloud barrier below, the only way to enter a particular location was to fly over it, and skydive into it. This was a first for the Zelda series, but with that idea laid out on the table, would it be wise to bring it back in a future title- or something similar to it? I’ll be talking a bit more about it ahead, so of you’re interested in reading more, don’t hesitate to dive into the jump!

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Zelda Theory: Where Does Demise Really Come From?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.47.26 AMDemise is very well known to most Zelda fans but do we really know his “real” backstory? Where did he really come from, why is he willing to launch an army upon innocent people and cause much death and destruction, all to just possess the Triforce? His story seems very reminiscent to another character that we are also very familiar with, Ganondorf. Hyrule Historia even uses Demise’s flaming red hair to draw a connection between the two. But what about his sword, doesn’t that look familiar too? In one of GameOver Jesse’s latest video, he and his guests try to draw a few parallels in some of the stories found within a few of the Zelda titles that could answer some of these questions. Jump on in past the break to check out one of his latest theories.

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