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Zelda Dungeon Talks: Could Another Dual-Release Like the Oracle Games Work Nowadays?

o A pair of games often overlooked in the Zelda series, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were released as two separate but related titles that could interact with each other via passwords that would unlock secrets, and allow the player to access the final battles and true ending of the games. Each Oracle game was focused around a different type of gameplay, and the combination of the games made for an entirely new kind of Zelda experience that some fans really loved.

The writing staff here at Zelda Dungeon was asked to consider if having another Oracle-like dual-release would be reasonable in modern gaming. They came up with a range of answers considering the functionality of the games, the plot, the visuals, and the possibility of a triple-release (as once intended for the Oracle Series). Hit the jump to hear what our staffers had to say, and feel free to join the discussion in the comments!

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AGDQ 2016: Oracle of Ages Speedrun

ooa speedrunIn a recent Games Done Quick, Casusby completed an any percentage speed run of Oracle of Ages. He acheived a time of 1:59:43. Although this is not as fast as the world record of 1:34:48 it is still an impressive feat and something that I am unable to even dream of doing. Coming in at under two hours it is impressive and great to watch, providing hours of entertainment for those who choose to view it.


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Six Zelda Titles Made Japan’s Top Selling 3DS eShop Games Of 2015

30-minuten-aan-Zelda-Majoras-Mask-3D-gameplayThe numbers have now been released for the best-selling 3DS eShop games of 2015 in Japan. Excitingly we have six different Zelda titles make the list. From card software sales to the Virtual Console it looks like Zelda inspired quite a few fans around the Land of the Rising Sun last year. For 3Ds card software titles, Majora’s Mask 3D came in at #8, for Virtual Console titles, this is by far where Zelda dominated with five games coming landing in the Top 25. Link’s Awakening DX and Oracle of Seasons came in at #6 & 7, Oracle of Ages at # 9, the original The Legend of Zelda at #11, and rounding out the list, A Link to the Past at #18. What other Zelda titles do you think should have made the cut? To see the full list of games to make Japan;s top selling 3DS eShop titles of 2015, click on the link below.

Source: Japanese Nintendo (via: Nintendo Everything)

Heart Tracking App Available on iOS

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.04.00 AMThe Legend of Zelda series is infamous for having many goodies to be discovered along your journey, and heart pieces  are one of those things that many of us are desperate to hunt down. Guides like what you can find here at Zelda Dungeon are immensely helpful in those searches, but now you have a new tool at your disposal! Trident Group has created an app to help you not only track down all of those important little heart pieces but it even helps you keep track of the ones you have already found! The app separates the heart pieces by game and gives you the total count of pieces you must collect in each one. Once you have chosen a specific title the app then gives you the list of all the locations where each piece can be found, after you have selected the location it provides you with the specifics of exactly where you can find the piece in question, and any special requirements there might be to acquire them. Once you have located your prize you can use the app to save the ones you have found. This really helps you keep track of all the heart pieces you have already located, and the ones that are still eluding you. The app just released this month an is available on the app store for free.

Head past the break to check out a few screenshots of what you can expect.

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Gossip Stone: Would You Like To See Time Travel Return?

800px-MM_TimeWarpIn Ocarina of Time, the main mechanic of the game was that it allowed you to go 7 years into the future and back, in order to become either a child or adult to solve specific puzzles throughout Hyrule. And in Majora’s Mask, you have a three-day timer over your heads the entire game. The choice is yours to go back to the first day, though it’s highly suggested (seeing as you won’t get very far without going back). Both of these games featured one similar mechanic; Time Travel. And that’s what this Gossip Stone is about. If you’d like to read further into it, don’t hesitate to hit the jump!

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The Women of Legend: Din, Nayru and Farore
All well-learned Zelda fans know the story of Hyrule’s creation, and by extension, the Golden Goddesses that brought our beloved fantasy world to life thousands of years ago. Interestingly, the Goddesses typically go totally unseen, and almost totally unmentioned, in most of the series, despite their three sacred triangles being so prominent. They have, however been seen in human form a few times, possibly with direct connections to the original gods, but other than that, they remain a mystery. Perhaps we will see them again in a more significant role in the future. Until then, hit the jump to look back at their few appearances and actions, as well as what Din, Nayru and Farore may do in the future.

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Gossip Stone: Should Animal Companions Return In New Zelda Games?

OoX_Link_and_DimitriIn Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, there was a strange item that -depending on where Link obtained it- would give him a different companion for the rest of his journey.  This item was the Strange Flute.  The item gives Link the ability to meet one of three animal companions, which help you throughout the game (you actually need them to complete it, anyways).  Each animal has a different ability than the other, so they all have their uses depending on which Link receives.  So I’d like to ask the question: Would you like to see animal companions return in future Zelda games?  Beyond this point I’ll be talking a little more about what animal companions are, and what they do.  So if you’d like to give it a look, hit the jump to check it out!

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The Man, The Myth, The… Fairy Wannabe: Tingle’s Origins

tingle2057020x20428 If you love the Legend of Zelda series, then you know who Tingle is. The middle-aged man whose vehicle of choice is a balloon attached to his back. Tingle first appeared in Majora’s Mask on the N64 and appeared in quite a few Zelda games proceeding that; specifically Oracle of Ages, The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, The Minish Cap, and he is part of the Majora’s Mask DLC of Hyrule Warriors. Tingle also makes minor appearances in Phantom Hourglass as a poster on the wall of Mercay Island’s bar, in Spirit Tracks as statues in both Hyrule Castle Town’s shop and Linebeck III’s shop, and in Skyward Sword as a doll in Zelda’s room at the Knight Academy. Kotaku recently had an interview with Eiji Aonuma on how Tingle ever came to be. Check out what Nintendo’s top Zelda creator said, after the jump!

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A Princess and her Knight, or more than just that? Looking at Zelda/Link

No excuse neededStories of valiant knights, princes and other heroes who fight for their beloved ladies are some of the oldest and most beloved stories in human history. Perhaps even THE oldest, depending on your interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh. So it was to be expected that a concept as basic as fighting for those you care about eventually ended up in The Legend of Zelda, or at least have fans ascribe it to individual games. But is there any truth to this? Has anything been confirmed, implied, can things be extrapolated or is it just a bunch of hot air? Note that this contains spoilers for Hyrule Warriors, so be careful in case you have not yet finished the game. Read a game-by-game analysis after the break!

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Gossip Stone: Are Cuccos Interesting, or Pointless Additions to the Series?

157nb7a “Don’t be such a Cucco!” You’d probably be offended to be accused of acting like a Cucco, wouldn’t you? But perhaps you shouldn’t be. Cucco are incredibly strong creatures that are loyal and protect their own from harm; these are endearing qualities, so why the negative connotation on the name? Well, aside from the Cucco being the Zelda form of a chicken, and the phrase “Don’t be such a chicken!” being an insult in reality, Cucco can be seen as unimportant to the series. What should be thought of these small creatures?

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Gossip Stone: Should the Magic Rings make a return to the series?

Red RingRings make for handy magic items: they’re small, lightweight and are easy to carry in addition to your other magical gear. Finding magic rings in the Zelda games is always useful to either continue in the game, make Link tough enough to more easily survive the later dungeons or even give him a variety of bonuses. But they have only appeared in 2D games, with the last time being The Minish Cap. Perhaps it is time for them to make their return? Read more after the break!

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Gossip Stone: Is there a place for the Slingshot alongside the Bow?

SS SlingshotOne of the recurring items in the Zelda series is the Slingshot: a handheld device Link often obtains early in the games it is in. Unfortunately for every game it appears in, it’s typically obtained before the Bow; the Bow greatly outshines the Slingshot with improved range, damage and projectiles it could carry. Is there a place for the Slingshot alongside the bow, or is it an outdated piece of equipment that should be retired in favor of the bow? Read more after the break!
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Gossip Stone: Should animal companions from the Oracle games return?

Link and DimitriHaving an animal companion with Link is a rather common theme in the Zelda games: while Epona is by far the most used and beloved of them all Link has had some different animals with him on his quest. In Skyward Sword he had his Loftwing, but in the Oracle games he was accompanied by three animal companions. These were met during the course of the games to traverse certain obstacles, and one of them could be recruited to become a full-on companion and accompany Link all over Labrynna and Holodrum. Dimitri, Ricky and Moosh all have their own special abilities and weaknesses, and whoever became your companion even changed how the world looked. But could they still work in a modern Zelda game? Read more after the break!
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Summer Games Done Quick Is Now Live! (Schedule and Prize Updates)

1SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are now live on for their joint effort to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. For the next full week, 24 hours a day, speedrunners will play games from loads of different series, and giving out awesome prizes to people donating for the cause. Make sure to look out for the Zelda games coming up throughout the marathon!

Hit the jump for an update on the scheduled Zelda games, and the prizes going with them. Read more…