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ZD Top – Top 5 Bosses/Mini-Bosses from Ocarina of Time

maxresdefaultOcarina of Time was of course the very first 3D Zelda title, so naturally, everything that the previous games did so well had to be translated to the 3rd dimension. This included Zelda’s iconic boss battles, and the Nintendo 64 classic proved that even in 3D, the giant monsters towering over Link were just as fun to fight. This week, we are going over our absolute favorites of all of Ocarina of Time‘s bosses, and mini-bosses, too. As usual, feel free to leave your own Top 5 lists in the comments!

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My Zelda Story: From A Link to the Past to A Link Between Worlds

The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-vs.-A-Link-to-the-Past-46 What is the Legend of Zelda to you? Is it simply a game that you enjoy to pass the time with, or is it something more meaningful? Have you been enjoying journeys through Hyrule for most of your life, or have you only recently tried your hand at your first adventure as Link, the hero in green? We all have our stories, playing these games, finding inspiration from them and always wishing for more adventures to enjoy on the latest Nintendo hardware.

For me The Legend of Zelda has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born into it more or less, and I have vague memories of watching family members playing A Link to the Past, and later on, Ocarina of Time as I grew up. But I was around 7 years old when I played my first Zelda game. My family wasn’t exactly wealthy as I was growing up and I have a lot of siblings. So when my parents found an SNES and a few games at a yard sale, my siblings and I were on cloud nine. A Link to the Past happened to be one of those games. It’s funny, the cartridge already had two save files that were pretty far into the game, and, as any normal person or gamer would do, I deleted those games so my siblings and I could have our own save files. However, for some reason, two of my brothers got so mad at me for deleting those games and making them start from the beginning. This is the moment that I first experienced Zelda for myself, and it’s a fond, silly memory. That said, though, my Zelda story is actually a rather short one. Even though 13 years or so followed that memory and I had played the majority of the Zelda games released over that time, I had never really considered how much the Zelda series meant to me then. At least, not until A Link Between Worlds was released.

Make the jump to hear my Zelda story. You can also check out Jon and Mark’s Zelda stories, and be sure to be on the look out for more of the staff’s Zelda journeys.

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Gossip Stone: Does Link Suffer From Selective Mutism?

cat The Hero of Time is a rather silent savior, he doesn’t speak casually but we do see him gesture and make mouth movements as if he is speaking to someone. Though we are not privy to these conversations and we rarely hear our hero’s voice, it is clear that at times he is capable of speech. Selective Mutism is a condition that often occurs due to genetically predisposed Anxiety Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder which results in children not being able to speak comfortably in a majority of situations. Only with certain people or in familiar settings will children with this affliction speak, and these children are usually socially impaired otherwise.

Many Links seem to me to show the symptoms of Selective Mutism, after the jump we’ll see which Links we can diagnose and how this illness has affected their heroics.

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The Sun’s Song is Directly Related to the Song of Time

sun Zelda Theorist RMFH decided to dig into the history of Sun’s Song to find out why its composers, Sharp and Flat, were able to create such a powerful set of notes. He found that the brothers were meant to study the powers of the Royal Family, and might’ve been given access to the Song of Time in order to further their research thus making the Sun’s Song a relative of the Song of Time, with one added bonus– the power of light. Watch RMFH’s video on the significance of the Sun’s Song after the jump!

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Gossip Stone: Does a Zelda Game’s Appearance Affect its Reception?

COVER real There are an almost endless number of factors that contribute to the commercial appeal of a videogame– gameplay, functionality, developer, rating– but a game isn’t going to sell if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, at least in some capacity. We can judge by the turbulent behavior following the reveal of Wind Waker’s art style or Skyward Swords’ downgraded graphics that appearance does matter within the Zelda series. So let’s take a look at some of the varied Zelda visual styles and how they affected the games’ initial and later receptions after the jump!

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AGDQ: Ocarina of Time Master Quest – All Dungeons Speedun

AGDQ OOT MQIn a recent Games Done Quick an all dungeons Master Quest speedrun was completed. This was done in an impressive amount of time, with the end result being 1:40:25. The run was done by ZFG who did very well in his playthrough. This was an entertaining run to watch and in it I learnt lots of tricks that will help me cut back on my time if I choose to attempt a speedrun of it.

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A Five Year Journey To Beat Ocarina Of Time Has Finally Been Realized

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.19.40 AMMegaTGarrett has finally completed his five year long quest to beat Ocarina of Time. Garrett lost his sight when he was only 10 years old but even though he is unable to see, it hasn’t stopped him from enjoying playing video games. Back in 2011 he started a journey to successfully navigate his way to the final battle with Ganon, all the while completely blind. With the use of sound and a lot of determination and some help from walkthroughs and fan videos, he has finally come to the end of his long journey and earned a hard won victory! Just a few days ago, garrett uploaded a video of the final battle with Ganon to his YouTube channel stating;

“It has been long in the making, but I have finally accomplished my goal! Who knows what is next! Thanks for all those who have stuck with me through this series even after it seemed like I was giving up. Please enjoy the last vid of Zelda OOt, the final battle against Gannon!”

This has been a long time in the making indeed and we congratulate Garrett on his much deserved victory. Head on past the break to check out that final battle from Ocarina of Time.

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Gerudo Valley Electronic Remix

Gerudo_Valley_3DClassic tunes never die, do they? YouTube continues to give us great covers and remixes of our favorite Zelda tunes, like this very inventive electronic remix of Ocarina of Time‘s Gerudo Valley. YouTube musician JemyMusic has out together one awesome cover, and while it is her first Zelda cover, perhaps we will hear more from her soon.

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Zelda Theory: Zora’s Domain FROZEN FATE

ZoraEver since the Legend of Zelda series first started back in 1987 there has been a lot of fan speculation and theories about what certain aspects of the games represent or mean. As the plots and timeline get more convoluted, more and more theories are created. Even with the release of Hyrule Historia there are questions that remain unanswered. One of those questions is why the frozen Zora’s Domain in Ocarina of Time never thaws out despite Sheik and Ruto saying it will. YouTuber ZeldaConqueror has a theory but from more of a game development perspective rather than from events in the game

See the video after the jump.

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Marvelous Mabe Village Cover by Banjo Guy Ollie

maxresdefault To top off his 2015 year of covers, Youtube’s Banjo Guy Ollie produced a cover of Mabe Village from Link’s Awakening on– you guessed it– a banjo. He also employed a host of other instruments including a U-Bass, Bouzouki/Mandola, and Mandolin. The cover really does this great tune justice, and the banjo gives it a unique and rather cozy tone that fits the song’s role in the game perfectly. Banjo Guy Ollie’s version of Mabe Village is not to be missed, so take a listen after the jump!

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Japanese Ocarina of Time Trailer for Wii U Virtual Console

UntitledWe in North America and Europe have had Ocarina of Time available in our eShops sice July, but Japan has only just recieved it today. This is rather odd, as Japan often gets a shot at Nintendo titles first. Either way, a new Japanese trailer has been uploaded to Nintendo of Japan’s YouTube channel, with some memorable moments from the early parts of the game.

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Zelda Theory: What Happened To The Deku Tree?

Great-Deku-TreeIn The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time we are introduced to The Great Deku Tree, the Guardian of the Forest, he stands watch over all of his surroundings protecting all the creatures and beings that lie within his lush green forest. Sadly, The Great Deku tree has been cursed and although child Link battles fearlessly to save him, it was too late for this great “Shepard of the Forest”. We then see him again in The Wind Waker acting as the Guardian of the Forest Haven, here he is a father figure to the adorable little creatures by his side. But what happened to The Great Deku Tree in the time between these events and after? Join Dr. Wily in one of his latest Zelda Theories after the break.

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Does Link Doom Hyrule?

link is evilIn one of the latest GameOver Jesse videos the idea of Link’s action leading to conflict in Hyrule is explored. It is shown that through the actions of Link intervening he unintentionally negatively influences Hyrule. This video follows Links journey throughout Ocarina of Time and shows how the split timelines link back to his actions. It shows how Link being sent back to a child in the Adult Timeline leads to the land becoming defenseless when Ganondorf rises to power, forcing the gods to flood the land. In the Child Timeline his warning of the future events lead to a war and the destruction of the Gerudo race, that being said Link was unaware of the events that took place. In the hero defeated timeline it is shown that Link’s defeat lead to the longest period of peace, demonstrating that both of Link’s other actions unintentionally lead to Hyrule’s downfall.

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DJ Hardwell’s Ocarina Of Time Remix Now Live

Gerudo_Valley_acapellaA few days ago we reported that DJ Hardwell would be releasing a special remix of a song from one of his favorite Zelda titles, Ocarina of Time. That song is based off the Gerudo Valley theme and has now been released via his Soundcloud account! The new remix comes just in time for The Game Awards Show 2015 that airs tonights where Hardwell is just one of the DJ’s contributing some epic remixes and all in honor of the show!

Jump on in past the break and check out Hardwell’s latest remix.

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DJ Hardwell Releasing Special Ocarina Of Time Remix

66_3DS_Zelda-Ocarina-of-Time-3D_Artwork_66Big room house and electro house DJ, Hardwell has been asked by Nintendo to create a special remix of one of Nintendo’s very own IP’s music. When approached with the opportunity DJ Hardwell jumped at the chance and instantly thought of one of his favorite games of all time, Ocarina of Time. As a huge Zelda fan that initial choice was easy but the next decision didn’t come as easy. After careful consideration of all the songs in the game he landed on  theGerudo Valley theme as his choice, feeling that this was essentially one of the hardest parts of the game. Head on past the break to check out a short video of Hardwell sharing his thoughts about the opportunity.

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