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Awesome Games Done Quick 2016: Time Slots For Zelda Speedruns

Screen_Shot_2014-06-21_at_4.31.22_PM.0-300x168SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are at it again! Next week will mark the beginning of another of SDA and SRL’s charity speedrunning marathons, featuring the best speedrunners on the web. Of course, the Zelda runs are rampant, and are sure to cool sight to see. There are going to be cool prizes, and loads of fun donation incentives, so make sure to think about donating, in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation!

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ZeldathonHOPE is About to Begin!

zeldathon-hope-logo-colorIt’s that time of year again! The awesome charity marathon, the Zeldathon, is about to start! Literally! Their stream page has a countdown running at the moment with some sweet Zelda remixes playing for those eagerly awaiting the start of the marathon. As always, expect loads of Zelda titles to be played through (with even more that can be played, if enough money is raised), and of course, hilarious shenanigans will ensue after everyone starts donating and demanding that the streamers do the silliest of things. Starting with Ocarina of Time at 4pm EST today, the marathon is set to run all the way to Saturday with The Wind Waker, but again, a lot of money is likely to come in, and that will lead to more games to appear on the schedule. Funds raised this year will be going to HelpHOPELive, a non-profit organization that helps those in need to pay off medical bills. The marathon has not even started yet, but has already raised over $13,000, but people should still donate to help out all they can.

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Summer Games Done Quick Begins! Prizes Announced!

panel-22510310-image-309316a7a4a4b066-320Summer Games Done Quick, the annual summertime speedrunning marathon run by SpeedDemosArchive, has started! The runs are well underway and donations are continually rolling in, all in support of Doctors Without Borders. Of course, it would not be a Games Done Quick marathon without lots of fun donation incentives, and plenty of great prizes to win. Hit the jump for the stream, an updated schedule of times for Zelda speedruns, and a list of prizes to be won during those runs!

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Zeldathon Deluxe Has Officially Begun!

Yesterday at 4PM Eastern Standard Time this Summer’s semi-annual Zeldathon started streaming to the public. For those who aren’t familiar, Zeldathon raises money for a charity of its choice twice a year by playing Zelda games straight for as long as fan donations meet the goals set to extend playing time. This summer, the Zeldathon team is raising money for Charity: Water, with the mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people across the globe. Zeldathon worked with Charity: Water back in 2012 to raised $45,874. The goal this time around is to raise $150,000 so head over to the stream to share your support, join the chat, and donate!

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Ocarina of Time Any% Speedrun is Once Again Broken

maxresdefaultMany may recall that Cosmo, popular speedrunner of Ocarina of Time with his famous world record of 18:10, once said that “Ocarina of Time is dead”, in terms of new speedrunning tricks being found. Even the now world record holder, 17-year-old skater82297, said in August that the ever-chased-after sub-18-minute run would not happen. Yet, just recently, on his Twitch stream, skater caught a 17:47 world record. This just goes to show that there is almost always room for optimization, and of course for new tricks like the Deku Nut glitch found by Jodenstone.

Be warned of a lot of swearing in the video. It was an insane moment for him, after all.

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AGDQ Begins Today!

games done quickAGDQ, or Awesome Games Done Quick, is the Spring event of the Games Done Quick series where high level speed runners for games of all kinds, including the Zelda series, come together to help raise money for charity by live streaming their runs nonstop for a week. January 4th is finally here, meaning the ultra fast gaming has begun! Make the jump to see when they will be running Zelda games!

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Summer Games Done Quick Is Now Live! (Schedule and Prize Updates)

1SpeedDemosArchive and SpeedRunsLive are now live on for their joint effort to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. For the next full week, 24 hours a day, speedrunners will play games from loads of different series, and giving out awesome prizes to people donating for the cause. Make sure to look out for the Zelda games coming up throughout the marathon!

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Get Set for Summer Games Done Quick 2014 This June

Untitled This June, from the 22nd to the 28th, the speedrunning community is once again coming together to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. The popular Summer Games Done Quick live marathon, hosted by Speed Demos Archive, is bringing together the best speedrunners of dozens of games, including five Zelda games, keeping people up all night to see their favorite games glitched, exploited and pushed to their limits. But the runners never stop there. Memes, races, donation incentives, prizes, and more will return for a whole week of literally non-stop entertainment.

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Announcing the Zelda Dungeon Twitch Team

Twitch-tv-logo(1)You don’t have to wait until Zelda Dungeon’s 2014 Marathon to watch high quality live-streamed Zelda material! Beginning today, the newly created Zelda Dungeon Twitch Team will be streaming any and all Zelda-related content to our official channel on This team currently consists of Mases, the creator and owner of Dungeon Gaming Enterptises, Blake, one of the site’s wiki editors, and myself, Brian, an editorial and news writer. Hit the jump for more details.

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Six Zelda speedruns scheduled this week for AGDQ 2014 Marathon

hqdefault (2)It is not an exaggeration to say that millions of people have played Zelda games over the years. Many enjoy going through them not once, but sometimes multiple times says a lot about the series’ staying power. Some die-hard gamers, however, take their love for the games to a whole new extreme, adding an extra layer of challenge to their playthroughs by completing them as fast as possible.

Although it’s hard to think of a released game that someone hasn’t done a speedrun of yet, Zelda is a particularly popular series to receive the treatment. At least that is what the online marathon event Awesome Games Done Quick 2014’s schedule seems to suggest. The gaming cancer charity has included six Zelda games among its lineup to play this week.

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Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A Part 2

Zelda Dungeon marathon picAbout a week ago we posted the first part in the Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A and today we are bringing you part 2! In the first portion we had 5 of the 10 attendees tell us their thoughts on the upcoming event. In this part we have interviewed the final five people who will be at the marathon. With the marathon itself only a few days away, the excitement is slowly building until it arrives.

And without further ado, please click the link below to see what the rest of the marathon crew has to say.

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Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2013 Q&A Part 1

Zelda Dungeon marathon picZelda Dungeon’s Marathon is only a couple of weeks away and there are a lot of people who are excited for the event. It’s not just the fans that are looking forward to it, the people who are participating in the event are eagerly awaiting it too.

To help build more excitement for the Marathon, the people who are attending have been asked some questions. The questions range from who the participants are to what they hope to accomplish at the Marathon. A video promoting the event has also been included with this interview for more information regarding the Zelda Dungeon Marathon.

Click the link below to see what the participants have to say!

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Zelda Eternity’s Marathon Schedule

Earlier today, fan site Zelda Eternity posted their final schedule for their upcoming Zelda marathon. They are covering most of the same games that we covered in our own marathon earlier this year. Make the jump for their schedule info and information on how you can watch their marathon!

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Ultimate Zeldathon for Child’s Play

The gamers over at Zeldathon have once again begun their annual marathon. The live stream will last until Friday, July 12th. The donation proceeds of the marathon will be going to Child’s Play, an organization that provides games and entertainment for hospitalized children. Make the jump to read more!

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Zelda Marathon: Afro of Time

The people here at the Zelda Marathon had way too much fun, I think. There have been prizes and events with each donation to Child’s Play with set goals that the team put together. We made thousands of dollars in donations for Child’s Play. Great job to everyone who donated, children will now have toys of entertainment in their hospital rooms because of you. With acknowledgments done, let’s move on to our main attractions! Take the jump below to see the fun of what went down at this crazy event.

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