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As I’m sure many of you guys did, I sat down and saw Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last weekend. While maybe not as good as the original in this writers eyes, I still enjoyed myself immensely and was cracking up for a good chunk of the movie. As I tend to do after the movie was over, I took a second to ponder where I’d rank Guardians Vol. 2 among the rest of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies.


While I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of Marvel’s brand of superhero movies — I think they have a tendency to strictly adhere to the typical Marvel formula (I’m more of a DC guy, crappy movies not withstanding) — one thing you got to give them credit for is how they’ve brought all of their great characters from the comics to the silver screen. Casting has been perfect, characterization is always nailed, and the aesthetic for the characters blends the best of the comics and the movies together like a well made Bloody Mary. I’ve often said that the strength of the Marvel movies isn’t the plot, but the characters that operate within it.


Of course, this isn’t Marvel Informer, this is Zelda Informer, so what am I going on about? Well, today we’re gonna have some fun and imagine our favorite Zelda characters as members of the MCU. Which character from The Legend of Zelda has the personality traits that line up with Marvel’s greatest heroes? Let’s find out!


Link as Captain America

The moral center of the MCU, Captain America is everything you want a superhero to be (he doesn’t even like swearing!). I’ve often thought that if Link talked in any of his adventures, he would probably sound a lot like Cap. While Links weapon arsenal is a bit more diversified than Caps, they can still both throw down with the best of them. There’s an innate likability to both that make them great leaders.

Zelda as Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the mastermind, the backbone of the MCU. Much like Princess Zelda, Fury pulls the strings and prefers to fight with his brains rather than his fists — but, again like Zelda, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Both are inspiring figures that command respect would gladly die for their cause.

Groose as Star Lord

One of my favorite Zelda characters, Groose is kinda like the opposite of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast — starts off as a conceded jerk but gets better and better and ends up a hero at the end… kinda sounds like Star Lord (who? Star Lord man…). While both are full of themselves and may pull off some questionable feats, they both develop into dependable — if unorthodox — heroes.

Midna as Black Widow

Sassy, classy, and not afraid to kick ass would be a pretty apt description of both the former KGB spy and the Twilight Princess. While we never got to see Midna in her true form fight, they both share a distaste for authority and a somewhat checkered past. Both are also never afraid to speak their mind and put anyone they feel deserves it in their place.

Fi as Vision

Calculated; proper; powerful. Vision and Fi are both extensions of a system come to life. Vision started life as the computer program Jarvis, while Fi existed as part of the Master Sword before the Goddess brought her to life. Both represent the order and functionality of their groups, but also strive to be more human.

Darunia as Hulk

Okay, so maybe Hulk is a bit… angrier than Darunia, but dammit if they don’t look alike. If Darunia was green, they could be twins. Truth be told, Hulk’s probably my least favorite Marvel character, but his power and destructive force match with Darunia’s physique pretty well.

Skull Kid as Loki

Loki was always a trickster. Being the brother of Thor, Loki always felt inferior and when he found out his true lineage, it pushed him over the edge. Likewise, Skull Kid was a jokester who only wanted a friend, and when a trick to steal a mask when horribly awry, he ended up losing those friends. Both are villains, but tormented inside. Both realize some sort of redemption in the end, but their trickster nature will always make both hard to trust.

Urbosa as Gamora

Strong, badass, and full of fury, the daughter of Thanos and the Champion of the Gerudo would probably feel just as at home battling each other as they would as friends.

Ganondorf as Thanos

Because who else? We haven’t seen Thanos yet in a big role (that’s next year!) but we all know he’s the ultimate villain of the MCU. There’s no bigger badass than Ganondorf in the land of the Triforce. What more do you want?

So there’s a few examples off the top of my head of Zelda and Marvel characters and how they’re somewhat similar. Now that I’ve got the ball rolling, I want you guys to take it a step further. Who did I miss? Who would you put? Do you even like the Marvel movies?? Let us know in the comments below!


Andy Spiteri is a Senior Editor and Podcast co-host for Zelda Informer. Check out his gaming blog, The Alchemists Lab and follow him on Twitter.
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