Good evening, friends! It’s Monday again which means that it’s time for our weekly Caption Contest. Last week was a huge success with a number of you immediately thinking the same thing that I did, and many more coming up with their own creative ideas. Of course, this led to a Photoshopped image from Neeko which can’t actually win a caption contest but was requested by a fan. However, given that so many of you liked it (one of the most liked images of the week), I decided to feature it to the left. If you have a submission for Photoshop, we have our weekly Photoshop contest on Tuesdays so feel free to take part in that as well!

This week, our image features the expressionistic

Midna. This one looks like it may prove to be more challenging than in previous weeks, but I have faith that you can create some hilarious or thought provoking captions for this one. Maybe one of you will think of a way to make a new meme out of it.

But first, here are this week’s winners as chosen by you:

by: Spiky

by: Dark Link

by: Zachary Maiberger

by: TickleMeTingle

by: SubZeroChimera

And now for the top captions not captured in a photo:

WMM: “SpiderFi! SpiderFi! Does whatever a SpiderFi can! Sing and dance! Calculate! SpiderFi knows how to irritate!”


Hylianola: “Look out, your batteries are gonna die!”

CinCity809: “When she hears you liked another sword spirits picture.”

MaiamaiHut: “Excuse me, but do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, depleted Wii remote batteries?”

Chandledorf: “Master Link, from this vantage point, I detect an approximate 47% blockage of your nasal cavity.”

And here is your image for next week. Remember to post your captioned images down below, and if you can’t create a caption, just leave a comment. Play nice, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

Note: If your photo doesn’t upload immediately, give it a few minutes and refresh. Also, if you post and are featured as “guest”, simply reply to your photo under your account name so we can feature your user ID if you win.

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