Caption Contest Week 14: Spider-Fi

Last week, we asked you to caption an image of Link and Tetra looking upward, mouth agape, and looking quite perplexed. It also returned more responses than we’ve had for our Caption Contest in weeks, so great job! Given the great turnout from using an image submitted by DizzyDeuce, I’ll also be taking your submissions for new images that you want to see captioned from here on out. Like last week, you will be recognized for your submission and all you have to do is post it in the comments below without a caption. Now, without further ado, here are this week’s winners as chosen by you:

by: Alejandro Castillo

by: AnalystDuelist

by: Dmonter

by: Glommo

by: Hylianola

by: Ryan

And now for the top captions not captured in a photo:

Lyra<^>: “That moon looks strangely familiar…”

anonymous: “Oh my god…It’s the last twinkie on Earth…”

Orion: “Tetra, what was in those brownies?”

Penguiforce: “That moment you realize you left the stove on at home…”

Gracie Toll: “….and that’s how fairies are made.”

And here is your image for next week. Have fun and don’t forget to check out our weekly

photoshop contest as well!

Note: If your photo doesn’t upload immediately, give it a few minutes and refresh. Also, if you post and are featured as “guest”, simply reply to your photo under your account name so we can feature your user ID if you win.

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