Week 12 of our contest, we asked fans to caption an image of Zelda giving Groose her “authoritative finger”. We got some great responses from you which are presented below. This week, we are featuring an image that was submitted to us by DizzyDeuce. Link and Tetra look upward, mouth agape, at…well, I guess that’s for you to decide. Leave your posts in the comments below. If you post and don’t see it immediately, wait about five minutes and refresh the page before submitting again. Again, we are selecting the captions that were most liked by other fans, with the exception of one that may have come across as “controversial”. And the winners are:

by: Really Real Name

by: PanPan

by: Pedro Vasconcelos

by: Spiky

by: Hylianola

by: monkee-goro

And now for the top captions not captured in a photo:

Billy Wright: “I’m not going down under to that sacred place to see that Groosinator of yours.”

Shawn Aumond: “Who the hell…is your hairdresser and can I have their number?”

Nirude: “…I wonder if I can fit my whole finger in there.”

Zmanbandit7: “Talk crap all you want, it doesn’t change the fact you weren’t in Hyrule Warriors.”

Tink: “You’ve got a booger right there. Just let me get it for you.”

And here is your image for next week. Have fun and don’t forget to check out our weekly photoshop contest as well!

Note: If your photo doesn’t upload immediately, give it a few minutes and refresh. Also, if you post and are featured as “guest”, simply reply to your photo under your account name so we can feature your user ID if you win.

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