Hey there, Zelda fans! Are you ready for another exciting edition of Zelda Dungeon’s weekly Caption Contest? Last week was the first contest of 2023, and to celebrate the New Year’s sense of transformation, we highlighted a classic moment from Majora’s Mask. But, as we all know, our hero Link doesn’t just undergo transformations in that Nintendo 64 classic; he transforms in many games! In fact, he takes on a pretty drastic transformation in Twilight Princess.


Last Week’s Contest:

I appreciated the Mulan references last week.

By: Twilight King

Here are our non-photo caption winners:

  • IceRod: Link singing: “When will my reflection show who I am insiiiiiide…”
  • Otwl: Narcissus ain’t got nothing on this Deku Scrub!
  • Kestron: Talk about a bad hair day… now it’s all wooden!
  • Kim: New Year’s resolution No.1: Return to my Hylian form
    New Year’s resolution No.2: Stop Skull kid
  • pyridiss: So sad, Princess Ruto won’t want to marry me anymore :’-(


This Week’s Contest:

Is this the most intense Zelda screenshot of all time?

Here are the guidelines:

  • Please refrain from using offensive material (racial, sexual, overuse of offensive language, etc.) We want to make the contest fun and accessible for fans of all ages. When in doubt, keep it Nintendo.
  • If you don’t have the ability to edit the image, just leave it as a comment. We make sure to have a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Photo editing and manipulation (i.e. Photoshop) is allowed, but these entries will be part of a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at Zelda Dungeon. In fact, we encourage discussion based on those opinions. However, please do not insult other fans’ work. What may be funny to one person may not hold true for another… and that’s OK.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Don’t forget to check back throughout the week and upvote your favorites, and, who knows?  Maybe you will be one of next week’s winners.

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