Happy Monday, everyone. Let’s get the week started off right with another ZI Caption Contest. I’ve never really considered myself an artist, but I do think I can recognize artistic talent when I see it. And I just have to say that Pikango, the travelling painter from Breath of the Wild, is one of the most gifted visionaries I have ever seen. Those trees are simply gorgeous; that sun, divine. His art is so transcendent that we simply must assign captions to it.

Last Week’s Contest:

Somebody hacked Breath of the Wild last week.

By: Christian Beach

And here are our non-photo caption winners:

  • Devon Orme: “Either this is too good to be true… Or Breath of the Wild’s update added Like-Likes.”
  • Sheik388: “Bait set. Now I wait in hiding for that little green fairy wannabe he has kooloo limpah-ed for the last time.”
  • Kaitlyn Moore: Link: “One hundred green rupees in a stack in Hyrule, One hundred green rupees. Take one down, pass it around, ninety-nine green rupees in a stack in Hyrule”
  • Jebradiah Drake: Link: And they say I don’t make good use of my time and money!
  • Great Dragon Master: Link: “I think i was better off doing ‘Breath of the Wild’ in dominoes…”

This Week’s Contest:

Link thinks selfies are art. Pikango thinks he’s wrong.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Please refrain from using offensive material (racial, sexual, overuse of offensive language, etc.) We want to make the contest fun and accessible for fans of all ages. When in doubt, keep it Nintendo.
  • If you don’t have the ability to edit the image, just leave it as a comment. We make sure to have a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Photo editing and manipulation (i.e. Photoshop) is allowed, but these entries will be part of a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at Zelda Informer. In fact, we encourage discussion based on those opinions. However, please do not insult other fans’ work. What may be funny to one person may not hold true for another…and that’s OK.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Don’t forget to check back throughout the week and upvote your favorites, and maybe you will be one of next week’s winners!

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