Captain Toad Treasure Tracker had an interesting origin story, and in fact didn’t start as a Mario-esque title at all, but rather as a Zelda title. Polygon recently published an interview with the game’s director, Shinya Hiratake, and he revealed the title’s origins began not as a Super Mario 3D World inspiration, but rather as small dioramas with Link, since he was known for his dungeoneering abilities.

Shinya Hirataka shared about the game’s inception:

“But the original idea for Captain Toad’s treasure-hunting escapades dates back further, when the title was originally pitched as a game starring Link from The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo developers explored the idea of small, diorama-style levels featuring a character that was incapable of jumping. Designers originally envisioned Link as the main character, as he’s known more for his dungeon exploring skills than his jumping abilities.”

I find it pretty interesting that Captain Toad Treasure Tracker started this way. I haven’t seen much footage of the game, but from the sound of it, when Link was being considered, it was a much different game.

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Source: Polygon (Via MyNintendoNews)

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