How Fast Can You Kill Queen Gohma?I can. Actually, I have. A couple of times, probably. I’ve played the beginning of Ocarina of Time about a hundred times, so I’ve gotten defeating Queen Gohma down to a pat. It’s all about timing for the stun and attacking as quickly as possible with strong sword attacks.

I stopped using Deku Nuts for this boss a while ago, since I prefer using my sling shot to stun her. Another key factor is pulling off forward stabs versus the other standard attacks in between the jump attacks and on the final blow. This guy has beaten Gohma in even less than this 6.66 second round, so you should try to see if you can accomplish this task as well!

What are your fastest times so far? Can you kill King Dodongo in less than thirty seconds? What about Morpha or Phantom Ganon? Comment some of your times, and see if you are YouTube worthy of putting up your epic battles.


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