Wii U ControllerWe know Nintendo’s criticism over the years. Lack of third party support, the unwillingness to explore various genres, and the inability to give “hardcore” gamers what they want. We know Nintendo has a massive following, and that their core audience is likely as big if not bigger than the core Xbox fans or the core Sony fans. The core audience by Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. They buy an 360 or Playstation on the side to get a few select experiences (SoTC, ICO, God of War, Madden, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age), but in general you can count on their sales. They are going to buy Mario, Kirby, Zelda… the list goes on.

However, Nintendo’s aim with Wii U is to be the every gamer console. From the little 3 year old, to the core Nintendo fan, to the yuppies who mindlessly buy every fps that is thrown out there, to the Xbox live players who who scream words I shall not repeat over and over again when they lose. Nintendo wants “everyone” to play their console. The ultimate gaming machine is not a stretch when describing their game plan.

The question becomes: Can it actually ever be that?

You’ll never convince core fans of other consoles to convert. At least, not unless those companies stop making consoles. However, Nintendo has a very tall task if they hope to overcome the decade long barrier they have put up between themselves and the gamers who tend to spend a lot of money on software. You know the ones. They buy up every major game released, and they usually enjoy them all even if they never beat it, or never get all the online achievements.

Nintendo has always done their own thing, and it’s been a bit to their own detriment. Reggie has confirmed multiple controller support for Wii U, but the fact Wii U even had the idea floating around that it wouldn’t carry such support is a perfect example of why I think it wont happen. Now, you’re at a Nintendo site… so for you the Wii U is clearly the right choice. I know it is for me, but I am not sure Nintendo is going to truly realize their initial goals with this console.

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