Ocarina of Time 3D

We previously informed you, because that’s what we do, about news on Ocarina of Time 3D‘s initial shipments being scaled back. It seems as if Nintendo has learned from some over-supply issues in the past, and is being cautious this time around. Initially we noted this as a reason to pre-order to make sure you get a copy, but there may be some new issues arising from the shortage: higher prices.

In Japan, the recommended retail price is ¥4800, however some retailers such as Amazon have it listed for as high as ¥7810. There may be reasons we don’t know about behind this. The potential shortage may be one reason, or even just retailers capitalizing upon any reason to bump up prices for some more revenue. Reggie had promised 3DS game prices to be around the same as DS games, but it may not be absurd to expect slightly higher with Ocarina of Time.

Hopefully the second batch of shipments won’t be too far behind the first, so that if we do experience some inflationary pressures they won’t be for long. My advice, pre-order as soon as you can to ensure a copy, and potentially beat some price rises.

Source: Amazon [via GoNintendo]

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