Ever since E3 2010, hype has steadily built up around The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and understandably so. Nintendo is positioning this new Zelda title to become the game that finally changes the tried and true, yet ultimately staling, Zelda formula that has been with the series ever since Link’s first days on the NES. The question is: How can Nintendo accomplish such a lofty goal?

Check out the latest Zelda article on Player Affinity to read quite a bit of their opinion regarding the next big upcoming Zelda game. The article heavily focuses on comparing Skyward Sword with previous Zelda installments, and rightfully so. It is quite a chunk to read through but definitely worthwhile to slowly start building up the hype for this (probable) masterpiece.

In semi-related news, if you want to get a copy of Skyward Sword while also being a gigantic help to this community, please click here.

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