A realism rendition of the Super Mario BrothersAs a DeviantArt user and a long-time Nintendo fan, I have looked at many pictures, stories, and videos of my beloved video games. Some of these creations are some of the most amazing and imaginative pieces of art that I have ever seen, such as this amazing fanart that you can see on the side illustrated by LabrenzInk on DeviantArt.com. It is incredibly creative and wonderfully done.

Unfortunately, I have seen more pieces that actually destroy the series and outsiders’ ideas on the fanbase than pieces that are inspiring. Take for example this video of the 2011 World Champions in Moscow ice skating to a classic rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme. This might just be the saddest thing I have ever seen, and I have read Mary-Sue-starring fanfictions.

So what is the verdict, readers? Do you think that some fans should just not pay homage to their favorite video game heroes and villains? Despite the terrible fan-creations that I have seen, I think everybody is entitled to pay homage to a video game series, as long as they truly tried their best in making it and made sure that their art is, for the most part, canon.

Also, should fans act in a specific matter when discussing their love for their video game series in an area with people who are outside of the fanbase in order to give off a positive appearance towards the series, or should they be entitled to do whatever they want, even if it will destroy the reputation of a video game series?

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