Cammie Dunaway is the executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo and the folks over at Giant Bomb got to sit down and have an interview with her. The first half of the interview discusses the Nintendo 3DS, how they decided to showcase it at E3, a possible release date, backwards compatibility, and then some brief information about some of the upcoming 3DS games. The conversation then shifted to talk about our beloved Skyward Sword. Cammie mentioned some interesting tidbits about the game, perhaps none more interesting than the fact that game is made for the core Zelda Fan. Part of Cammie’s job is to get new fans into some of the Nintendo products, but even for Skyward Sword she stated that this game is for the longtime Zelda fan. Thus something different then the bridge type games that Nintendo has been pushing as of late.

Skyward Sword is still set to release in 2011, at which time we here at Zelda Dungeon will be providing a full blown Skyward Sword Walkthrough. Until then though, be sure to head on over to our Skyward Sword Forum to discuss the game with 100’s of other Zelda fans.

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