Pokemon Black and White League Small.png

That’s right folks! It’s time! We now officially invite you to come join the ZeldaInformer Pokemon Black and White League if you’re any kind of competitive battler, or you want to get in to competitive battling.

There are many changes to the League format in the BW League. First, we have increased the number of Gym Leaders from eight to ten in order to eliminate the problem of missing leaders. Second, we have initiated the use of the Sleep and Evasion Clauses. Third, we have eliminated restricted Pokemon and have formulated our own ban list, independent of other competitive Pokemon sites. Finally, we actually have a champion: Brinkeaj!

In order to register, create a ZeldaInformer Forums account, if you do not have one already, and post in the Registration Thread. Be sure to read the complete rules before registering. And stay tuned here to ZI, as we will be announcing our returning leaders’ themes, as well as announcing all of our new leaders!

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