Our friends over at Linktober are hosting an online Zelda-themed “comic-con” for fans of The Legend of Zelda to support artist and creators during these difficult and unprecedented times. Linktober is currently accepting applications from creators to showcase their art, music, cosplays, podcasts, or anything else that is Zelda related that they would like to show off in an upcoming online convention. An online form has been set up for applicants to apply. Anyone is welcome to join!

Zelda Creator Con will take place as a virtual convention and a date has yet to be revealed, but there are more details to come, and you can find more information on Zelda Creator Con over on Linktober’s Facebook Page here. You will also be able to see the launch of the official event over on Facebook as well.

The goal of Zelda Creator Con is to help support and strengthen the Zelda community in the wake of the recent pandemic that has swept the world. Many creators have been laid off or have seen their hours cut due the the recent times, and this event is to help show support for those creators and artisans in the Zelda community who have been hit with rough times.

We hope to show support for this awesome event and see other creators join the cause as well. Are you a creator? Be sure to apply and show your support for this awesome event!

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