Apple Jacks 1993 Zelda Cereal Box

I know there are some pretty peculiar collectibles out there, even within the Zelda series, but a cereal box. Really? A flattened piece of cardboard that is 17 years old? Yeah, okay, some people out there may be interested in it. If that’s you, then read on.

A 1993 Apple Jack’s Kellogg’s Cereal box which originally came with a Zelda strategy map is for sale on eBay. Unfortunately the map isn’t included, but if you have a ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ attitude when it comes to Zelda memorabilia, why not this? There’s only one available at US $8.95 which is 10% off, so it’s a bargain I suppose… I’d be careful of this seller though, because he’s claiming the box is in “new” condition. Check it out for yourself if you’re a crazy collector, because I’d imagine a cereal box full of food from the supermarket would be cheaper.

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