Zelda2BrentalFloss, the YouTuber popular for putting lyrics to classic game music, is back with Dave Bulmer to tackle the infamous debate of Ocarina of Time‘s fame. This song reminds us of etiquette when in arguments with Zelda fans on the web, and gives a good message of respecting other people’s opinions and favorites.

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It’s interesting to think of the things both sides of this argument do wrong. The major Ocarina of Time supporters often do not respect others’ opinions, or call the N64 game the best just because everyone else does. Meanwhile the other side, often major A Link to the Past fans, suffer a severe fear of the change that came with 3D gaming. The song itself is pretty great. Aside from the awkwardness of both of them singing at the same time, BrentalFloss and his comrade, as usual, do not disappoint.

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