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Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement is Somewhat Confirmed - Zelda Dungeon

Game Informer has new Breath of the Wild information, thanks to their interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. One of the aspects about the game that Mr. Aonuma confirms, to an extent is when Breath of the Wild is set in the Zelda universe.

Aonuma confirms that Breath of the Wild takes place some time after the events of Ocarina of Time:

Link can find a dilapidated Temple of Time in the game’s opening moments, and Aonuma confirms that the game takes place after Ocarina of Time. Additional direct ties are difficult to identify. – Game Informer

This confirmation still leaves plenty of room for speculation as to just when the game takes place. Ocarina of Time is the Zelda title that gave the series its timeline split, so there are a few gaps within the timeline that Breath of the Wild could fill. Let us know your thoughts on the timeline placement down in the comments!

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