As someone who has very little experience with art, watching an artist work feels like watching magic. There is a sense of excitement that goes along with seeing a piece of art being brought into existence. One of the best ways to see the time, effort, and thought that goes into a piece of art is to watch a time lapse or speed painting. This allows the viewer to see all the steps and layers that go into creating a piece of art.

This water color speed painting of Princess Zelda (from Breath of the Wild) by olyvee is a great illustration of the process of an artist. Olyvee starts with the drawing of her character, then adds each successive layer and elements from there. It’s amazing to watch how this piece grows and changes with every step.

For example, the aura of light that surrounds Princess Zelda is perfectly complemented by a dark background around the character. The artist’s decision to contrast the light around her and the dark background brings the viewers attention to the princess herself, who seems to shine in the darkness.

Overall, there is incredible detail and care put into this piece. There were several times in the video where I thought the artist was done, only to see a successive layer of detail added!

What do you think of this speed paint of Princess Zelda? Will you be checking out any of their other work? Let us know in the comments below!




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