Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Run forward and examine the pedestal to activate the gryo controls. You need to tilt your controller to clear a path so that the spikes are out of your way. There are multiple ways to do this and the picture show is just one solution.

Run ahead and you’ll see a crystal switch. Place a bomb by it but do not blow it up yet. Instead, hit the crystal switch with a sword, causing the platforms to turn. They will temporarily block the lasers, so run across to the center of the room. Now detonate the bomb, causing the platforms to turn again, allowing you to reach the end of the room.

There is a treasure chest on the higher ledge to the right. If you shoot an arrow back at the crystal switch, it will cause a platform to revolve around the platform you are standing on. You can jump on it as it is moving upward, and then make your way to the top of it, while it is turning. From here you can paraglide over to the treasure chest and open it to get a Silverscale Spear.

In the last area there is one more pedestal with a gyro control puzzle. This one has three orbs and there are three places where the orbs can rest. You’ll have to tilt the platform around, bumping the balls until the successfully fall into place. There really is no secret to this one. While it can be frustrating, there isn’t much to it and you’ll eventually get it. Run ahead and speak with the monk, Za Kasho. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.