Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Step on the platform to the left that has the metal block. Grab the block with Magnesis and then place it on the other side of the scale. This will shift the weight, causing your side to go up. Walk to a safe platform, but then pull the metal block up with Magnesis. Carry it over to the next area.

Fight off the Guardian Scout and then use Magnesis on the treasure chest that is behind the gate. Pull it over and open it to get a Knight’s Broadsword. Use Magnesis to grab either the treasure chest or the metal block, and place it on the ground switch that is just behind a wall. This will cause the nearby gate to open.

Use Magnesis and carry the treasure chest over with you to the next area. Place it on the front scale on the left to lower it and then place it on the back left scale, to lower that one as well. Run back and grab the metal block with Magnesis and place it on the front left scale.

Climb on top of the metal block to reach the back left scale. Now use Magnesis to pull over the treasure chest to the back right scale, lifting the back left one up. From here you will be able to jump over and reach the treasure chest that contains some Opal.

Manipulate the treasure chest to get back up to the top left scale while it is raised up. Then toss the treasure chest on the back right scale to lower it. Jump and paraglide to the back right scale. Now finally, send the treasure chest to the back left scale, lifting up the back right one. Run on over and speak with the monk, Yah Rin. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.