Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Make your way west of Gerudo Town towards the Toruma Dunes. As you approach you will be confronted by an enemy Molduga. This massive worm-like enemy will move towards you while underground. It detects anything moving and it will gobble it up. The key here is to toss a spherical bomb. As it rolls across the sand, the Molduga will come up from underground and swallow it. Once it does so, detonate the bomb and Molduga will come crashing to the ground. While it’s stunned, run over and deliver a number of sword slashes.

Just before Molduga is about to get back up, run away and stand on one of the four nearby rocks. Molduga won’t be able to harm you while you are standing on the rocks. From here toss another spherical bomb and repeat the same process. Just keep doing this over and over until Molduga has been defeated.

After collecting all the goodies from Molduga, you can examine the area and you’ll find four rocks, each with an unlit torch. You need to light the four torches found here and this will trigger the shrine to appear.

In the actual shrine, run over and open the treasure chest to get a Golden Bow. Then speak with the monk, Tho Kayu, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.