Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located directly south of the Hateno Tower, just southeast of Mount Taran.
  • The shrine is hidden and you will need to complete a Shrine Quest to reveal it.

Video Guide


Far south of the Hateno Tower and just southeast of Mount Taran, you will find three circular pedestals, as well as a tablet. Run forward and read the tablet to trigger the Shrine Quest titled, The Three Giant Brothers.

In order to complete this shrine, you will need to collect the three orbs that are located right on top of the chests of the three slipping Hinox brothers. All three of the Hinox are located nearby, in the three watery areas surrounding the pedestal. The ones just to the northeast at the Hanu Pond and southeast to the Uten March are low enough where you can glide over with the Paraglider and land directly on top of the Hinox. You can grab the orb before the Hinox even awakens. As you are moving around, it might awaken, but just run away and keep on the move to avoid the Hinox. If you have to fight the Hinox, use arrows to shoot its eye and when is hurt, run up and deliver some sword slashes.

The third Hinox is located to the west at the Rabella Wetlands. It is not as convenient to just fly over to this one, so you can just sneak up to him quietly. There are other enemies around, so the Hinox may awaken. Either way, grab the orb from the Hinox and return to the pedestal.

You will have to place the three orbs in the corresponding pedestal that faces the direction of where you got it from. Placing it in the wrong pedestal will cause the orb to reset back by the Hinox. With all three in place, the shrine will appear, completing the Shrine Quest.

Inside the shrine, run over and open the treasure chest to get a Great Thunderblade. Then speak with the monk, Tawa Jinn, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.