Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the west portion of the Lanayru Tower region. It is at the north portion of the Lanayru Wetlands, just east of Crenel Peak.
  • The entrance is blocked off by spiked vines. You can burn them by shooting a fire arrow. Alternatively, you can glide to the shrine from Crenel Peak.

Video Guide


Once you begin the shrine, turn to the right and drop off the ledge to find a treasure chest that contains some Opal. Drop back down and then climb back up to the starting area. On the side you will find a cross wheel that can be turned. Turn it a little bit and it will cause a platform in the center of the room to move. On top of this platform a laser is shooting and once it is facing to the right side of the room, it will hit a crystal switch, causing the water level to rise.

Use your Cryonis ability to create ice blocks, leading to that crystal switch. Once you are close enough, grab a square remote bomb and toss it by the crystal switch. DO NOT detonate it yet. We will use this at the end of the shrine to get a treasure chest.

Now make your way to the area that is straight ahead from the starting point. Since the water level has risen, you can safely climb up on to the platform. Turn to the left and create an ice block using Cryonis. Climb on top of the ice block and then look back at the crystal switch. We want to hit it with an arrow. If it is out of sight, create a new ice block so that you can see it. Hit the crystal switch with an arrow and the water level will drop.

There is a metal barrel in this area. We want to lift this barrel and place it on the ground switch where the water. This will cause the nearby gate to open, leading to the monk.

Before completing the shrine, walk over to where the monk and turn to the right. There is a treasure chest up top that we cannot reach. Now you can finally detonate that remote bomb we placed. This will hit the crystal switch, raising the water level. Now use Cryonis to create an ice block to reach the treasure chest. Open it up to get a Giant Boomerang.