Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Once you enter the Ridgeland Tower region from the southwest portion of Central Hyrule, follow the path northward.
  • Once you cross the Jeddo Bridge, you will see Kass on the side and you can speak to him to start a shrine quest.
  • The shrine is hidden and you’ll need to complete the quest to start it.

Video Guide


From Central Hyrule, you can enter the Ridgeland Tower region and follow the path northward. You’ll eventually come across the Jeddo Bridge and you’ll see Kass playing his instrument. You can listen to his song to open a Shrine Quest titled The Two Rings.

In the area just to the west, you have to shoot an arrow so that it goes through two rings. Sounds simple, right? Most of the stones are aligned in a position so you purposely cannot shoot an arrow through multiple rings. However, there is one stone that is on a small plateau and if you face the Jeddo Bridge, you’ll see a second stone. Aim slightly higher than the hole as the arrow will fall down a bit, depending on the type of bow you have. Successfully doing so will cause the shrine to appear.

There are two floor switches here and they both effect the platforms that are in the column straight ahead. You want to step on them, occasionally changing which one you stand on to adjust the ramps. The goal is to get the two balls that are at the top of the platforms to fall down into the holes below. This is not very hard at all and you can actually do them in one shot at the same time if you are quick enough.

If you leap off and glide over to the middle of the platforms ahead, you’ll find a treasure chest tucked behind the platform. Open it up to get a Great Thunderblade. Step on the nearby floor switch to create a moving platform. Wait for it to return and then ride it up. Speak with the monk, Sheem Dagoze, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.