Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Look ahead and you’ll see a ball being shot up into the air repeatedly. Use your Stasis ability and freeze the object in time when it is at its highest point. Then pull out your bow and shoot it a couple times with an arrow. This little velocity will cause the orb to change direction. It will fall to the ground and land in the hole below. This will cause the platform near the start of the shrine to pop up.

Use this platform and then glide over to where the large orb was located. Open the treasure chest that is at the back of this area to get a Topaz.

Drop back down to the main floor and then turn to the left. If you look up top, there is a platform with a treasure chest. It is being hung up by two ropes. If you aim precisely with the bow, you can break each rope, causing the treasure chest to drop to the ground. Open the treasure chest to get a Falcon Bow.

Return to the platform that will shoot Link up into the air. Look towards the locked door and on a much higher ledge, there is a crystal switch. While at your highest point, shoot it with an arrow, causing the gate to open. Run over to the monk, Shae Loya, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.