Location of Shrine

Video Guide


The Shrine Quest is opened up by speaking with Kass, who can be found in the Pagos Woods, just east of the Lake Tower. His riddle points to you having to get a scale from the Forest Dragon. He is referring to Farosh, the giant green dragon that can be seen flying around in a few areas of the Overworld. You will need to shoot Farosh’s body with an arrow, causing it to drop Farosh’s Scale.

Farosh can most easily be found in the Gerudo Highlands on the Gerudo Summit. You are high up at this point and have a good chance of shooting an arrow at him. Additionally, Farosh can occasionally be seen flying over Lake Hylia, and also flies east into the Faron region. However, I personally find it easiest to get to him in the Gerudo Highlands. After hitting him with an arrow, be sure to grab Farosh’s Scale.

We now need to take the scale over to the Spring of Courage. It is located deep within the forest of the Lake Tower region. It is directly east of the Bridge of Hylia and directly south of the Dueling Peaks Tower. If you look at your map, it is at the very north end of the forests in this area, northeast of the Faron Woods and north of the Pagos Woods. The path to the Spring of Courage is very treacherous if you are hitting northward. I find it much easier to glide over from a higher portion from the north. In particular if you’ve unlocked any of the shrines on top of the Dueling Peaks. It’s an easy glide from there to the Spring of Courage.

Pray to the goddess and then drop Farosh’s Scale in front of the statue. This will trigger the door in the back to open, allowing entrance into the shrine.

The shrine itself only contains a single treasure chest. Open it up to get a Thunderspear. Run over and speak with the monk, Shae Katha, and he’ll reward you with a Spirit Orb.