Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located within the Docks of Hyrule Castle. The shrine is hidden and you’ll need to solve a puzzle for it to appear.

Video Guide


This shrine is located within the Docks of Hyrule Castle. Make your way just northwest of Hyrule Castle and glance at your map. There is an area where water leads into the castle at the ground level. This is the path that leads into the Docks. Once you are inside, fight off some enemies and climb up a series of steps until you come across several torches. Just to the right there is an unlit brazier. You need to light it on fire, so either use a torch, shoot a fire arrow, or any flame based weapon. This will cause the shrine to appear.

The shrine is a major test of strength, meaning you will fight a Guardian Scout IV. During the initial phase, try to perform a Perfect Dodge, followed by a Flurry Rush. When the Guardian Scout jumps back to perform a spin attack, use your Magnesis ability to pull up a metal block from underground. Put the block in between yourself and the scout so that the guardian will dash right into it.

When the Guardian Scout has lost half of its health, it will create a circular laser attack. Shoot it in the eye with an arrow and if you need to, paraglide over by using the updraft to get a closer shot. When the scout is really low on health it will start to charge up a laser attack and will shoot it four times in a row. After its fourth shot, run in and deliver some sword attacks.

Run over and open the treasure chest to get a Flameblade. Then speak with the monk, Saas Ko’sah who will reward you with a Spirit Orb.