Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Once you begin the shrine, if you look up ahead, you will see a treasure chest on the higher platform. Use Magnesis to pull this treasure chest over and open it to get a Drillshaft. Turn around and look right next to the starting point to find a torch. Just next to it there are some vines on the wall. Hit the torch so it falls over onto the vines, causing the whole area to light on fire. It will burn some creates, revealing a nearby passage.

Defeat the guardian in this room before he causes any trouble. Use Magnesis to pull away the metal block, causing the platform to fall down. It will usually crush the wooden block, but if it doesn’t, you can blow it up with a bomb. Climb the ramp and then defeat a second guardian scout on the other side.

At the end of the hallway, you will see a gate to the right. Look closely and you’ll see two barrels on top of a switch. You need to remove these barrels and you can do so by using the Drillshaft spear that we just got. Alternative, if you place a bomb right up tot he gate and then explode it, it will move the barrels. Knocking the barrels off the switch will open the adjacent door. Open the treasure chest that is in this room to get a small key.

Climb the ladder here and then jump off the ledge to the left. Use the small key on the locked door and then run ahead to speak with the monk, Rok Uwog. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.