Location of Shrine


Once you start the shrine you will see a scale, directly ahead of you. There is a treasure chest on the right and a wooden crate on the left. We want to burn down the wooden crate as this will create a unbalance in the scale, causing the treasure chest to drop to the ground level. Shoot a fire arrow at the crate to burn it down. If you don’t have a fire arrow, you can dip a regular arrow into one of the torches at the back of the shrine. Once the crate has burned, run over to the treasure chest and open it up to get a small key.

Open the locked door at the back of the shrine and you will gain access to three large metal blocks. There is an optional treasure chest to get and it is located on the left side of the room from when you first walk in. Use Magnesis and bring one of the Metal Blocks to this side of the room. Place it on top of the scale that is near the small staircase and this will lower this portion of the scale. Now grab a second Metal Block and place it right next to the staircase. Jump onto the metal block and then onto the lowered scale.

While on the scale, grab the metal block that is on the scale with Magnesis and bring it over to the other side of the scale. This will cause that side to drop down, raising Link up to the higher level. Turn around and open the treasure chest here to get a Knight’s Claymore.

Now we want to return to the first scale that we dealt with. Use Magnesis to bring one the of the Metal Blocks on top of the scale where the initial treasure chest is located. Stand on that scale and look up to find some cracked boulders. You can shoot a bomb arrow to destroy the boulders above. Otherwise just toss a bomb in that direction and then detonate it to destroy the boulders.

Now grab a second Metal Block and put it on the higher scale so that there is one on each. Now bring the third Metal Block over and while standing on the scale with the treasure chest, place the Metal Block on the other scale. This will cause that side of the scale to move down. Since you have a Metal Block on your side of the scale, it will prevent you from getting crushed by the spikes above.

Run over and speak with the monk, Qua Raym, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.