Location of Shrine

Video Guide


There are a couple completely different methods of completing this particular shrine. You can beat it using almost nothing but Statis with some strategic strikes, but the easiest method is to use Cryonis. Begin to climb up the water ramp and you’ll come to a laser. Create an ice block to block the laser attack and run by. You can also create an ice block right next to where the treasure chest is located and jump on over to get a Zora Spear.

At the very top of the shrine, you will see a large orb. It is sitting right up against some water. Use Cryonis on the waterfall behind it and it will launch down against a platform. Just leave it there for a moment. Look at the other side of the platform where the orb stopped and follow the path downhill. You will see a diagonal ramp that leads to another diagonal ramp, but there is a gap in the way here. Right in that gap, use Cryonis to create an ice block.

Now return to the large orb and use Cryonis right underneath it. It will lift up and begin rolling down the ramp, hitting those diagonal ramps. If done properly, it will bounce off the ice block you made and hit the second diagonal ramp, eventually coming to a stop on the other side of the room.

Before lifting it up with Cryonis again, we need to create one more ice block. Right down it is directly in line with the hole where we are trying to get it into, but there is a diagonal ramp below and it will set it off course. Create an ice block, so that it will prevent the orb from diagonally rolling down. Then return to the orb and use Cryonis, sending it over the nearby platform and if done right, it will come to a stop, because of the ice block.

Use Cryonis to raise it one more time and it will jump over the platform and settle in the hole. The nearby gate will open, so run on over and speak with the monk, Ne’ez Yohma. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.