Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Run ahead to the left side of the shrine and you’ll see a crystal switch. Shoot it with an arrow to turn the platform, and then shoot it a second time, so that the treasure chest higher up is facing the right side of the shrine.

Now return to the entrance of the shrine and climb the ramp on the right. Have the launcher send you across the gap and then paraglide over to the next launcher. Shoot yourself up into the air again, this time paragliding over to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a Thunderblade.

Look towards the next platform and you’ll see four crates blocking the path. Send some spherical bombs across the gap and then detonate them to break all four of the crates. Now run back to the crystal switch and hit it one more time, so the launcher is now facing the direction of the smashed crates.

Drop down and return to the entrance of the shrine where you will find a spherical orb. Drop it in front of the first launching catapult. The spherical bomb will launch across all three platforms, eventually shooting itself into the hole on the ground. This will cause the nearby gate to open up.

Run over and speak with monk, Monya Toma. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.