Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the southwest portion of the Ridgeland Tower Region.
  • You will find Kass on top of the largest mushroom at Washa’s Bluff.
  • The Shrine is hidden and you’ll need to complete a Shrine Quest to enter it.

Video Guide


You will find Kass on top of the largest mushroom in the area at the southwest portion of the Ridgeland Tower Region. It’s somewhat difficult to climb up to this mushroom and you’ll either need to use Ravali’s Gail, have a lot of Stamina Upgrades, or use Elixirs to help your stamina climbing. Kass will give you a clue on how to uncover the shrine and this will being the Under the Red Moon Shrine Quest.

In order to complete the Shrine Quest, you must wait until a Blood Moon Rises. I recommend using some Firewood and Flint to create a nearby fire underneath one of the mushrooms, so that if it rains it won’t go out. Just keep waiting until night time until a Blood Moon Rises. The Blood Moon will come out at 9pm. When the Blood Moon is out, stand on the pedestal and take everything off. This includes all of your armor, as well as all your weapons. Be sure to unequip your melee weapon, bow, and a shield. Doing so while standing on the pedestal between 9pm and 12am will cause the shrine to appear.

Inside the shrine itself, it is just a Modest Test of Strength. If you are completing this shrine, it’s a near certainty you’ve done one of these already. During the first phase, try to perform a Perfect Dodge, followed by a Flurry Attack. This will allow you to deal significant damage. When the Guardian Scout jumps back to perform a spin attack, hide behind one of the boulders and he will crash right into it, stunning him in the process and allowing you to deliver some sword slashes..

During the later phases, the Guardian Scout will start shooting a circular laser attack. Shoot its eye with an arrow and if you need, paraglide over using the updraft to get a close up shot. When the Guardian Scout is really low on health, he will charge up and shoot four consecutive laser shots. Right after he shoots the fourth shot, run up and deliver a number of sword slashes.