Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the north portion of the Rabia Plain, northeast of Kakariko Village.
  • Follow the music until you find Kass playing his accordion, speak to him to start a Shrine Quest.

Video Guide


Follow the music until you find Kass playing his accordion. If you speak with him you can start a Shrine Quest and the solution requires you to jump on top of male deer with antlers, soothing him, and then riding him onto the bright area just in front of Kass. I recommend that once you spot a Male Deer, climb up to a higher platform, paraglide over, and try to land directly on the deer. Bringing over the deer to the circle will cause the shrine to appear.

When you begin the shrine, turn to the right and climb up the ramp. You will see a glowing orange switch. Strike this with a weapon and it will cause a platform in the room to rotate around the room. Hit the switch three total times until that platform rotates right in front of where you are. Pull out a remote bomb and drop it right next to the crystal switch, but DO NOT detonate it.

If you glance just beyond the crystal switch, you’ll see that there is a laser being aimed towards the crystal switch, but a large metal block is in the way. From near the crystal switch, use your Stasis ability on the small object that is shooting the laser. Then quickly change to Magnesis, grabbing the large block and move it anywhere, so it will no longer block the laser beam. Then quickly run over to the moving platform and step on it. Once the Stasis wears off, the laser will hit the crystal switch, moving the platform you are standing on.

In the next area, open up the treasure chest here to get a Thunderblade. Turn around and look back at the moving platform. Its next stop is going to be on the left and there is a large floor switch here. We want to use Magnesis onto the treasure chest, moving it to the platform that has the floor switch. Now standing on the moving platform, near where the treasure chest was, pull out your bow and shoot the crystal switch.

Use Magnesis to make sure the opened treasure chest is now on the floor switch, causing the nearby gate to move. Finally, pull out the Remote Bombs and detonate the bomb that we left by the crystal switch. This will trigger the platform to move once again, allowing you to reach the monk, Mezza Lo. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.