Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located directly northwest of the Flight Range, just across Lake Kilsie.
  • The shrine is accessed from a cave on the west side of the river.

Video Guide


Just northwest of the Flight Range is Lake Kilsie. The Shrine is located right on the other side of the river but it is beneath the surface. Almost directly east of the shrine, you will see a small island that is in the lake. From this island, if you look at the cliff to the west, you will see a small area that has a torch lit. This is the entrance of the cave that leads to the shrine. The easiest way to reach this area is from above and then climb or glide down.

There is a large wind geyser that is blowing up. Jump down but only selectively use your Paraglider, as you don’t want to glide back up. Follow the cave to reach the shrine.

In the first room of the cave, you need to light the torch on the left. You can use any fire based weapon that you have, or if you have a wooden weapon you can use it as a torch. Alternatively, you can just dip an arrow into the fire and shoot the other torch.

This next area looks more intimidating that it actually is. I find the best method to getting across is to just use patience. You can slowly but surely make your way across, as there is a path through the spikes. Don’t be to quick to move to the right, as you want to wait until that side is almost facing upward. Step on the floor switch here and wall ahead will rise, allowing you to the pass.

There are four guardian scouts and you’ll want to get rid of them as they could give you some trouble. You can shoot them from a distance with arrows, but otherwise the water is shallow enough, so you can run over and just melee them. Use Cryonis on the right side of the room to reach the treasure chest that contains some Bomb Arrows. Now use Cryonis on the left side to reach the switch, causing the nearby wall to open up.

Step on the floor switch here to cause the gate to open. Move to the side as a massive spiked ball will come rolling down and you want to avoid it. Climb the ramp and turn to the right to find a treasure chest. Use Magnesis to pull it over and open it to get an Ancient Core.

Run forward and step on the next floor switch. Another spiked ball will roll down this narrow passage. Backup around the corner to avoid getting hit. Wait until the spiked ball comes down and quickly grab it using your Magnesis ability. If it falls in the lava below, it will just reset. Once you’ve grabbed it with Magnesis, backtrack to the previous ramp. You can use the massive spiked ball to hit the crates that are right above the ramp. Drop the spiked ball in this area. Now use Magnesis to grab the treasure chest that was behind the crates. Open it up to get a Diamond.

Since you’ve moved the spiked ball, it shouldn’t bother you anymore. Run up the last ramp to reach the monk, Maka-Rah. Speak with him and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.