Location of Shrine


Just west of the Hebra Tower there is a body of water. Water comes from a river that runs downstream and the shrine is located right on this room, beneath a large hill. It is actually surrounded on all sides by freezing cold water and you will take damage if you enter the water, regardless of what armor set you are wearing.

There are a few ways to approach this. The first is way up stream, even above the waterfall, there are trees that can be cut down, allowing the trunk to fall into the water, serving as a log that you can ride downstream. This is kind of risky, as coming down the waterfall and just standing on the log as it moves downstream is dangerous, as you can fall in the water.

Alternatively, if you have significant Stamina Upgrades, you can climb along the wall that is just east of the shrine. You can climb closer to the shrine and climb up, almost towards the ceiling of the cave until you are safely above safe land below.

The most practical, albeit damaging way, is to just brute force swim across the cold water. You will take damage, significant damage actually, as you’ll be in the water for a couple seconds. Probably between 6-7 hearts of damage. Watch out for the Stalfos archers on the other side of the water.

Inside the actual shrine, open the treasure chest to get a Gold Rupee. Speak with the monk, Lanno Kooh, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.