Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at northeast of the Gerudo Tower, near the central-east portion of the Gerudo Highlands.
  • The shrine is encased in ice, and you’ll nice to melt it to access it.

Video Guide


Once you arrive near the shrine, you’ll just see a massive block of ice. You’ll need to melt it and in order to do so, you’ll need some fire based weapons. If you have a fire sword or any flame based weapon, go ahead and use it to melt the ice. Alternatively, you can use bombs to chip away at the ice.

In order to complete this shrine, you must carry the block of ice to the monk at the top of the shrine. However, this shrine is filled with fire and it will melt your ice block if it comes close to it. Pickup the ice block and climb the nearby steps. There are three sets of flames coming out of the ground and you can navigate right in between them. Just ahead there is a rotating platform with flames shooting out. You can just toss the ice block across, once the flames pass.

The next area has three sets of flames coming out of the wall. If you back up far enough and try to toss the ice block, you can toss it so that it lands before the flames and then glides beneath it. I recommend tossing it on the outer edge, closer to the center of the room. If the ice block doesn’t quite make it across, no problem. Just run underneath the flames to the next area and in the lava below, you will find a large metal block. You can use this metal block to block some of the flames coming from the wall. If you place it diagonally, you can actually block all three of the flames. Grab the ice block and continue onward.

In the next area, if you moved the metal block, grab it and put it back in the lava. You can use this as a platform to get across the lava. Keep the metal block close to your sword of lava. Step on the metal block and then toss the ice block to the other side, keeping it away from the fire. Now jump and glide over. There are more flames on the side here and if you grab the metal block, you can blockade the flames, allowing you to the pass with the ice.

Leave the ice block alone momentarily and turn towards the center of the room. There is a ladder nearby and next to it there are some flames. Use Magnesis to grab the metal block and put it on top of those flames. Now climb up the ramp and glide over so that you land on top of the metal block. Drop down just behind the block and you’ll find a treasure chest that contains a frostblade.

Climb back up the ladder and you’ll find one more set of flames. This one, we cannot easily block the flames, but don’t really need to. Just grab the ice block and toss it through the flames, assuring that when you toss it, it will go beyond the flames. The ice block will melt and get smaller, but it won’t fully melt. Next, grab the metal block once again and hold it so that it is directly above Link. With the metal block above, walk through the flames, so that you are protecting in the process.

Grab the ice block and make your way over to the monk, Kuh Takkar. The gate will open and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.