Location of Shrine

Video Guide


At the southeast corner of the Akkala Tower Region, you will see a fairly large body of water known as the Ulria Grotto. It is located just southeast of the Akkala Falls and northeast of Ploymus Mountain. You might hear your Sheikah Sensor go off, but you might have trouble finding the shrine.

You want to travel to the area just south of the water and then face northward across the Grotto. When looking from this direction you can see that there are a few boulders that can be blown up with some bomb arrows. You are quite a distance away, and depending on the type of bow you have, you might need to angle your shot upward a bit. Alternatively, you can just glide over and when you are close enough, just pull out your bombs arrows. There is also a wind geyser coming from below nearby and you can use that to gain some height with the Paraglider.

The shrine itself is another Modest Test of Strength. Since we are deep in the Akkala Region, it’s very likely you’ve tackled several of these tests of strength already, and probably have done some major tests. This battle is just like all the previous ones. Early on, try to perform a Perfect Dodge, followed by a Flurry Rush attack to deal damage. If he tries a spin attack, hide behind one of the pillars and attack him while he’s stunned.

When it is lower on health it will start a circular laser attack and you can just shoot it with an arrow. You can paraglide to get closer before delivering the arrow strike. In the final phase, he will charge up and shoot four laser shots in a row. Avoid the laser strikes and strike him until he is defeated. Run over and open the treasure chest to get a Sapphire. Then speak with the monk, Ke’nai Shakah, and he will award you with a Spirit Orb.