Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Here is another Major Test of Strength Shrine. Given its location, it’s likely that this isn’t your first time taking on a major strength shrine. Inside you will find a lone Guardian Scout IV. This enemy has a ton of health and its weapons do considerable damage. I would highly recommend having a few health options, as well as some strong weapons.

During the initial phase, try to perform a Perfect Dodge, followed by a Flurry Rush, as this will deliver the most amount of damage. When the guardian jumps back, it will perform a rapid spin attack towards you. Since this battle takes place on shallow water, you can use Cryonis to create pillars of ice. The guardian will ram right into the ice, stunning itself in the process and leaving it vulnerable to attack.

After it has taken some damage, it will start shooting a laser out of its eye in a circular fashion. Try to target its eye with a bow and if needed, you can glide over with the paraglider. Hitting it in the eye will stun the enemy, allowing you to do some more damage.

In the last phase, the guardian will charge up a shot and shoot four consecutive laser attacks. Dodge them by continuously moving, and then run up and slash away until the enemy has been defeated.

Run over and open the treasure chest to get a Silver Rupee. Speak with the monk, Kema Kosassa, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.