Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Create a series of ice blocks to reach the waterfall. Then create a horizontal ice block at the top of the waterfall and use that to get to the higher ledge.

Take out the Guardian Scout with a single arrow to knock him back into the water. There is a treasure chest in the water on the right. You can create a series of ice blocks to reach it. Create an ice block right in the middle where the treasure chest is, to bring it up and to assure it doesn’t fall back in the water. Jump on over and open it to get an Ancient Core.

Create a series of ice blocks to reach the ledge above. These walls cannot be climbed, so be sure you are close enough to make the jump.

There are two Guardian Scouts here. Create a series of ice blocks and as you get close enough, knock off the two scouts so they don’t give you trouble. On the left side there is a closed gate. Use Cryonis to create an ice block, lifting the gate.

Jump over to the shallow water that is behind the gate and open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Broadsword. Be careful on your way back, as you don’t want to just jump into the water, as you won’t be able to climb back up. Carefully grab onto the ice block to get back to the other side. Climb up and then create a few more ice blocks as you make your way to the edge of the water. From here, jump off and glide over to the monk, Kaya Wan. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.