Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Found at the southwest corner of the Tabantha Tower Region. This shrine is located underground, beneath a large platform that can be moved by first using Stasis, and then hitting it to move it.

Video Guide


The shrine is located at the far southwest corner of the Tabantha Tower region. You can detect it with your Shekiah Sensor, but you won’t quite fine the shrine. It it underneath the ground level. There is a large platform that cannot be moved normally. Use Stasis to freeze it in time and then hit it to store Kinetic energy. After it activates, it will move, allowing you to drop down and reach the shrine.

Run ahead and open the first treasure chest to get a Korok Leaf. While it may seem like a useless weapon, it is required in this shrine to create wind drafts. Climb up and stand near the door. From there use the Korok Leaf to blow the nearby propeller, opening the door. Quickly run through as the door will shut once the propeller stops spinning.

Run right by the explosive barrel and continue to the next room. Drop down to the ground level and defeat the three Guardian Scouts that are found here as otherwise they will get in your way. Looking for the ladder and then climb back up.

You will find another propeller up here, so use a Korok Seed to blow it. This one will create a floating platform that has four balloons attached to it. Jump onto the platform and blow it backwards, going over the platform you were just at. There is a hidden treasure chest in the back corner of this room. Make your way over to it and open it to get a Gold Rupee. Now blow the platform to the far side of the room and land on the safe platform. If you fall off you can just activate the propeller again to respawn the floating platform.

Drop down the path and follow this linear pathway. You will pass by a locked door and you’ll eventually come to a room with a Guardian Scout. Use a bomb to blowup the boulder that is behind it. Then run ahead and use the Korok Leaf on the properly, causing you to be launched into the air. Glide over to the treasure chest on the left and open it up to get the Forest Dweller’s Sword.

Glide over to the platform that is down below. You can use the nearby propeller to get over to where the two ladders are. At the top of this latter, there is a hole in the pillar and if you examine the ground, it is a cracked boulder. Place a bomb here and then climb back down the steps. Explode the bomb to break up the boulder and a large updraft can be seen. Use your Paraglider to glide up to the top of this area.

Use the Korok Leaf on the propeller to create a floating platform. Use the Korok Leaf to get over to the treasure chest that is nearby and open it to get a Giant Ancient Core. Next we want to navigate our way through the spiked blocks that are in your way. Carefully use the Korok Leaf to get through this maze.

Use the Korok Leaf on the propeller to reach the higher area. If you glance at the center of this room, you’ll see a massive pillar with destructible blocks. If you have bomb arrows, you can just shoot the blocks to solve this puzzle. However, they are not necessary. If you turn to the left, you’ll find another propeller and activating it will cause a floating explosive barrel to appear. Use the Korok Leaf to blow this barrel into the main room.

It’s more important to focus on the direction of the barrel, as oppose to its speed. It will naturally keep moving with the balloons, albeit a bit slow at times. What you want to do is blow the barrel towards the large blocks. If you can blow the barrel right next to one of the torches, it will explode and break up all the boulders. Alternatively, you can shoot it with a Fire Arrow once it is close. Otherwise, if you have one, just use a Bomb Arrow.

Make your way to the nearby propeller and spin it to launch yourself even higher. Glide over to the large updraft and ride it up to the very top of the shrine. Open the treasure chest here to get a small key. Climb down the nearby steps and use the Paraglider here to get to the platform just ahead.

In the next room look down and you’ll see a treasure chest down below. Open it up to get a Thunderspear. At this point, you can drop the Korok Leaf as we no longer need it. Drop down below and open the treasure chest. Run over and speak with the monk, Kah Okeo. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.