Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on Tingel Island at the northeast corner of the Lanayru Tower region.
  • East of Ploymus Mountain, you will see a series of islands in the sea that leads north to Tingel Island.
  • The island is located underneath the ground and you’ll have to move a large plate to access it. You can do so with Stasis, or by using the Octorok Balloons to float it upward.

Video Guide


The shrine is located on Tingel Island, which is the northern most of the islands located at the northeast corner of the Lanayru Tower region. It’s actually quicker to get here by using the Akkala Tower warp point, but you’ll next some stamina upgrades to glide over. From the Ploymus Mountain, just east to the sea and you’ll reach the series of islands. Travel north until you reach Tingel Island.

The shrine itself is located beneath a large boulder. It’s not metallic, so you cannot use Magnesis. You can use Stasis to freeze it and then hit it enough times to make an opening. Alternatively, you can use the Octo Balloons from the nearby Octoroks. Use two balloons and it will lift the massive boulder, revealing the entrance into the dungeon.

Climb the steps on the left side and jump onto the scale. Look up above on the other side and you’ll see a large metal block. It is being held up on a platform by two thin ropes. Use your Bow and Arrow to shoot the ropes the metal block will come tumbling down. It will hit that side of the scale, launching you up into the air. Use the Paraglider when you are the peak height and float all the way over to the treasure chest that is in the distance. Open it up to get a Diamond.

Now step onto the side of the scale that is lowered. Use Magnesis to grab the large Metal Block and hold it way up, just above the other side of the scale. Release it and it will drop down onto the scale, launching you upward. Glide over and then head over to speak with the monk, Kah Mael. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.